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The vision of CERALIV is that we hope all families around the world are able to take advantage of our high-performance coating, and release our customers from the endless cleaning chore. Case Sharing is not merely a simple record, but also a self-reminder of our original intention, which is to improve the living standard and make the world a better place.

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When Marble Becomes The Main Language In The House

As a well-known lawyer in Taichung, his battles in court gave him an insight into the ugliness and beauty of human nature, and saw the so-called taste and insight from those clients with distinguished social status. As he gained more fame from the battles he won, he accumulated more and more customers and wealth, and also gradually built his understanding of life. When he buys his own house, as an important residence for the second half of life, he internalizes everything he has seen and felt over the years without worrying about lack of financial ability. He used a huge…

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The Epidemic Has Deeply Affected CERALIV, And Our Customers' Wedding Plans

Some guests were ready to get married and move into the nest of love, but the epidemic is like a bucket of ice water, pouring on their enthusiasm and joy. Mr. Wang from Taoyuan is one of them. In October last year, when CERALIV just started home solution coating service, there were no previous cases to refer to. However, Mr. Wang has believed in us and decided to do the coating on a great amount of areas. The shower room glass, kitchen sink and countertop, cloth sofa, leather chair, special colored wooden table,and even the faucets (because stainless steel…

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Solo Aesthetics

Being single and having a successful career in a man’s 40s, he naturally develops his own sense of ritual to make his life more fun and special such as this customer. Being a successful businessman, he doesn’t need to follow the trending things on social media to have the sense of group identity like young guys anymore. Instead, he’s looking for self-identity and the question of “who I am” in the current stage of life. As a result, he doesn’t see his new bought house as a place of living. Instead, it is somewhere he is going to spend his…

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Southern France Style House

This Southern France Style house is located in Linkou and the owner Mr. Qiu applied many special elements in the decoration. He purchased a whole set of fabric furniture for the living room, which is also the main coating project designated by the owner this time. He knows that the maintenance of fabric sofas is not easy due to the water-absorption. In order to solve this problem, he searched for a lot of information about home solution coating on the Internet, and CERALIV CASA was honored to be selected by him and won his trust to provide protection for a…

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CERALIV X Swiio Hotel Bathroom Coating

Slumberland bed, Chad Wang’s coffee bag, Georg Jensen’s silverware and Culti Milano’s perfume, Swiio Hotel amazingly gathers all the luxuries in one room. Situated in Daan district, Swiio Hotel is well received by the designers for its trendy decoration and also fascinates the customers by the dream-come-true white appearance. Surprisingly, the hotel is at an affordable price despite the fact that there are so many marveling facilities. However, it’s not an easy task to preserve a pure white appearance. It needs special protection which CERALIV is really good at. This time the home detailing is aiming at their elaborately decorated bathroom…

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The Most Luxury Apartment In The Best-Know Hot Spring Area Of Taipei

CERALIV’s original intention is to create the best ceramic coating and solve the irritating stains problems that every family has. When our customers see the results and have a smile on their faces, that gives us great satisfaction and a sense of achievement. We never have thought that we would have the opportunity to be able to offer our service for dozens of families at once. In this case, CERALIV came to Beitou's most luxurious apartment "Dong Teng Yue". Swimming pool, top-floor gym with panoramic view of Taipei City, private hot spring bathhouse, Dong Teng Yue interprets the definition of enjoyment…

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