Metal Coating

Metal coating|CASA

Metal surface will appear oxidation due to the constant changes of humidity and temperature. In addition, chemical corrosion and water stains are major problems in daily use of metal products. If proper care and maintenance are neglected, the surface will lose its brightness.

The seemingly durable and easy-to-clean metal parts are unexpectedly difficult to maintain. It might sound crazy, but fingerprints, water, and soap scum can damage the metal surface if the stains are not cleaned in time. After a period of time, even brushing can not remove all the stains and, what’s worse, leave ugly scratches. After that, stains would get stuck in the scratches and become harder and harder to remove.

To prevent these from happening, CERALIV CASA seals the metal surface by our liquid ceramic coatings which block the contact of humidity, air, and our touch. Our transparent protection will not affect the original appearance and reach the strongest protection in the business.

Metal coating|LUXURY

The metal parts are often the most eye-catching highlights of designer bags. However, they are also the most vulnerable part to wear and tear, which will occur with time, method of wear, exposure to sweat, chemical contamination, preservation and collision frequency and other risks that induce oxidation, electroplating layer wear. This reduces the luster and even cause damage to bevels. As long as there is use, it is difficult to maintain the initial gleaming state when acquired.

In addition to the leather surface of the designer bag, you should also not forget the zipper, metal buckle and other small detail. Although metal is also afraid of water, it is not fragile to of fiber penetration like fabric and leather parts. In the humid and hot climate, it is difficult to avoid the oxidation of metal parts, fading or even rust. This is true even for Hermes and LV bags, which use synthetic metal gold plating for metal parts.

CERALIV LUXURY's premium ceramic nano-coating technology can completely prevent rust and other situations due to surface abrasion; the double protection of coating and lamination gives the strongest protection to metal accessories, which allows them to shine and glitter in any environment, prevent color loss, fading or even rust, so that the accessories remain in the most splendid state.