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Suitable Material

Every building material will eventually have stains that cannot be removed by cleaning, such as scales on glass, fingerprints on stainless steel, heat marks on wood …and so on. The more natural building materials are, the more likely to have annoying stains.

Stone Coating

Stone is one of the most commonly used materials for home interior decoration. It is strong and durable, and every type of stone has its own unique pattern and texture. However, the surfaces are full of natural capillary pores. Among them, marble has the strongest water absorption and is easily discolored. The yellowing, water stains, and atomization will inevitably occur after daily use.

Wood Coating

Wood brings a warm atmosphere to the interior space. It is the main building material choice for many people's interior decoration. However, the water absorption causes maintenance difficulties which sometimes swell and deform in the worst cases.

Glass Coating

Glass is a perfect building material due to the transparent characteristic. However, the alkaline substance in water will gradually corrode the surface and form annoying stains. If the stains are not cleaned immediately, it becomes limescale that cannot be removed after only a period of time.

Textile Coating

The main textile materials at home are cloth sofas and pillows. With the advance of fabric technology, the emergence of cloth sofas brings more choices to the market. At relatively favorable prices, many families choose cloth sofas. However, due to the high absorption, cloth sofas are easily stained by liquid such as coffee, tea and wine.

Metal Coating

Metal surface will appear oxidation due to the constant changes of humidity and temperature. In addition, chemical corrosion and water stains are major problems in daily use of metal products. If proper care and maintenance are neglected, the surface will lose its brightness.

Leather Coating

Leather still plays an important role in decoration design. Artificial or genuine, leather is elegant and versatile in every space. It brings great texture to the space , but the daily maintenance is not so easy due to the softness and natural skin pore.