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CERALIV’s kitchen coatings have great stain-resistance property which repels external sources of pollution. In addition, the coating really stops oily smoke generated during cooking from adhering to the countertops and facades, making it extremely easy to keep the kitchen as brand new.

Stains Appear Very Soon
How To Keep The House's Original Beauty?

Every material comes up with stains problems due to daily use such as glass scale and metal oxidation. These stains are not like dust that can be removed by cleaning. This is because the stains are caused by corrosion or erosion. Once it occurs, it is extremely difficult to remove. The best solution to these kinds of stains is preventing them from happening. This is why CeraLiv created custom coatings for residential service. With exclusive technology, our coatings form a transparent ceramic protective film on the surface to resist the erosion and corrosion, and reduce the cleaning time by up to 50%.

Comprehensive Residential Coating Service
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Residential Coating Service

Specialist builds coating service,Based on your needs

Applications Receive 1000 hours training

The 1000 hours training,Ensure the best quality

Ultimate Acceptance Inspection

Stain-resistant property,Tested by permanent marker

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