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Premium coating for your accessories

The application of designer bag coating technology not only has excellent results in bags, but also in shoes, hats and leather accessories, which need to be well protected, so that you no longer need to be so careful when using them, and create the strongest waterproof and stain resistance for your most cherished items.

Do you want to stop fearing that your designer shoes and accessories will get stained and remain in the same perfect condition as when you first bought them?

We are all familiar with this scenario: when your brand new pair of shoes straddles through the muddy water on the sidewalk, or when a pair of comfortable special leather oxford shoes is soddened through a wet mud grass, it’s as if your heart skips a beat. Although it is unavoidable that your shoes will eventually stain, but with our most exquisite coating technology, with the most professional workmanship and technology, regardless of shoes, accessories materials, design or style, we can help you maintain the luster of your accessories, produce a waterproof protective film on the surface of your luxury designer bag, so that dirty, stained and sticky conditions do not occur. Thus we are committed to protect your favorite designer items from future stains, and will remain in perfect condition for many years to come.

A pair of classic white shoes needs nothing more than a top-notch protection, no more worrying about dirt and stains, you can now walk with confidence!

White shoes are timeless classics that are evermore popular! Everyone has at least one pair of classic white shoes in the shoe closet. They are versatile and easy to wear, and will never go out of fashion. However, the external environment is tricky, and pure white shoes are prone to stains and getting dirty, especially when you just put on new shoes, the chance of being stepped on is worryingly high! Dirty white shoes are a really heartbreaking sight to behold; generally, leather, suede and canvas fabrics are the most commonly used materials for shoes. Instead of wearing them in anxiety, why not leave it to our top coating technology? You no longer worry about dirty shoes that cannot be restored. With our coating technology, your shoes are not only stain-resistant but also super easy to maintain

Protection of fine accessories is also a fashion statement that cannot be ignored

Fine designer accessories is an indispensable element of daily wear, is the best statement of the overall look. But in this humid climate, metal is easy to oxidize and rust, and leather is a prime host for molds. If you take a fine designer belt out in the rain, and the belt comes into contact with water, it is easy to produce irreparable marks. With coating on your accessories, you can infinitely extend the lifespan of your cherished accessories, so that you can always wear your taste in fashion with confidence!

Three Key Highlights for Coating of Fashion Accessories

Prevents splashing of dirty water

It rains a lot in Taiwan, and our coating technology can prevent stains from dirty water due to walking.

Easy to maintain and clean

The super anti-staining power of the coating layer makes the accessories easy and convenient to clean

Extended service life

Unlimited accessory service life with ultra-strong coating layer protection

CERALIV LUXURY Most Impressive Examples

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