Leather Coating

Leather Coating|CASA

Leather still plays an important role in decoration design. Artificial or genuine, leather is elegant and versatile in every space. It brings great texture to the space , but the daily maintenance is not so easy due to the softness and natural skin pore.

Cleaning becomes a headache since you can not use alcohol or detergents that are even with only tiny acid or alkaline composition. After some time, the cracking of leather seemed inevitable. In worse cases such as being painted by a ballpoint pen, dyed by jeans, or mold grows, is leather really such a material bringing only problems?

這美麗又昂貴的逸品,想當然需要好好保護,透過 CERALIV 液態陶瓷鍍膜科技,只需3日鍍膜乾燥時間,皮革表層形成透明保護膜,一次解決保養、照顧的難題,讓您與皮革傢俱之間的關係不在需要小心翼翼。

Leather Coating|LUXURY

When many people purchase their first designer bag, the first consideration is probably the issue of material, cowhide, sheepskin, suede or even special rare leather and other materials, what is the difference? In daily life, accidents are bound to occur, resulting in the newly purchased designer bags encountering a catastrophe, such as moisture, mold or even because of friction with dark clothes or jeans to produce staining and other problems

General designer bags usually use various animal leathers such as cowhide, sheepskin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin, etc. Occasionally, suede, canvas or denim are used to make various textures, and each material has its own characteristics, among which the delicate and elegant lambskin is quite difficult to maintain and protect compared with other leathers; and the texture is very soft to the touch, but it is also the easiest to dye. The surface of the calfskin is smooth, and calfskin is stronger than lambskin, but because the pores are larger, it will become irreparable when it gets stained with oil. Although suede, which is neither shiny nor smooth, feels great to the touch, it is difficult to take care of because it is prone to moisture and even serious mold when exposed to water, so many choose this material for the interior lining. The most precious leather is the king of all leather - crocodile skin, which has a warm and lustrous feel, and is afraid of getting even a little bit of water and alcohol, which will fog up and deteriorate to the point where it is completely irreversible.

而以上這些美麗又昂貴的精品皮革,當然需要好好防護,CERALIV LUXURY 透過液態陶瓷鍍膜技術,搭配36道皮革檢測,讓精品包包的皮革表層形成強而堅韌的透明保護膜,讓您在帶著愛包出席各種場合時,不再需要小心翼翼。