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CERALIV LUXURY is committed to continue the beauty of all things, with the vision of innovating the new trend of fashion. We publish from time to time our work on fine designer bags, technical tips and real customer experience cases, hoping to share authentic content and practical examples, so that more people get to know CERALIV LUXURY Shi-Yan-Suo

CERALIV LUXURY protects the unique tassel design ultimately.

Tassels were used as a decorative element by nobility in ancient China and early Europe. This white ringer leather chain fringed bag expresses CHANEL’s unique rock lady style. Due to the coating on the middle ringer, the delicate stitches need to be handled more carefully, thus, the multi-layer superposition method is used to reinforce protection and ensure that the ringer and stitches are completely covered by the invisible coating.Then, the collocation of different materials of leather and metal make the coating process more elaborate. The surface of different materials can be covered perfectly during the process of potion …

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Hermès Bolide, the first and only zipper bag in the world at the time.

Originating from French sports cars, the Mini Bolide is a very lightweight bag designed to fit on a car. With sleek lines, trapezoidal design, rounded edges and firm material, this bag combines traditional beauty with practicality. It has a sense of modernity.On many occasions, formal or casual, the Bolide bag can be carried as a shoulder bag, a crossbody-bag, or simply in the hand. The low-key and simple style provides an overall look with a bonus effect, forthright and good-looking. The monochrome choice is even more suitable for matching styling, leaving the impression of vitality, affinity, and inspiration…

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Hermes Birkin—The bag you definitely have heard of

The Birkin bag, which has survived for two centuries, is a favorite of celebrities around the world as well as of many top idols.This Etain Birkin bag is a very hot color for Hermes. It is high class, low key, and very durable. It is a color that can be worn with clothes all year round and never goes out of style.Etain has an irreplaceable sense of calm and wisdom. Even when paired with jeans and sneakers, it creates an elegant and fashionable leisure style. At the same time, Etain also gives people a formal and solemn feeling. In formal occasions, gray

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BURBERRY's classic "TB bag" has taken on a new look and swept the fashion field

The TB bag, which is popular with celebrities worldwide, is a version of the upright bag (made of canvas and leather piping) featured in the new collection "THE CANVAS STORY." Light canvas, a simple square bag shape, and an upturned cover design create a casual atmosphere and give freedom to match any style. Thomas Burberry's exclusive logo with classic malt brown tones, exuding a strong British fashion style, perfectly interprets the geometric aesthetics. The use of a glossy monogram lock is the most eye-catching feature of this bag.It features a combination of canvas and leather piping to express the…

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Chanel: a symbol of premium goods, a dream brand for women

This purple “Classic Flap”, also referred to as the mini flap bag, is a classic Chanel bag with a square yet slight trapezoid shape. Its bold leather-and-chain strap and classic diamond-quilting with the trademark CC turn buckle embody the ultimate design with a perfect golden ratio.Purple signifies an association with nobleness, mysteriousness, maturity, romance, and is a color much coveted by the royals. Likewise, the owner of the bag has her unique views on fashion and beauty. Armed with a heightened imagination, she stands out with her own dress sense that highlights both her style and the Chanel bag. …

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Unrivaled Hermès handbags, most iconic bags of all time.

With over 180 years of history, Hermès, as a much-coveted brand in the world of fashion, has occupied the pinnacle of luxury bags with its regal design and exquisite craftsmanship. Within its product range, the signature Kelly bags, helped by Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco, epitomize an elegant “pedigree” regal style and have become the perfect symbol of prestige and refined workmanship. This classic fuchsia trapezoid-shaped Kelly bag features the use of stiff leather, a metal turn-lock, a dignified graceful look, and is the best choice for a formal occasion. Its immaculate exquisite artistry typifies Hermès’ distinguished elegance and excellence…

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