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“The world is not lacking beauty, but the proper protection of her.”
The first thing after moving into a new house is to have the best protection By CERALIV’s Home Coatings service.

Stains All Over The House
Cleaning Makes You Exhausted?

It is definitely not a good feeling to see the house slowly occupied by the annoying stains. The good news is the stains can be prevented by CERALIV’s home coatings service. The most popular applications are kitchen coatings and bathroom coatings which effectively solves the stains problems of greasy dirt and limescale. CERALIV also provides furniture coatings service that makes maintenance easy, especially for cloth ones. In addition to home coatings service, we created DIY residential coatings products that are water and stain resistant and antibacterial. Anyone can protect their furniture, house and family with our DIY products.

With Home Coatings Service
Easily Keeping The House As New

CERALIV provides comprehensive home coatings detailing service and pursues the highest customer satisfaction. We have researched, developed and manufactured coatings that have great and long-last stain-resistance properties as well as the harmless certification from the European Union. On the other hand, we have asked ourselves to become the best applicants by the one-thousand-hour training courses. With the self-requirements, CERALIV’s home coatings service is favored by interior designers, architects, luxury apartments, construction companies, entertainers and celebrities.

Non-Toxic Coating Makes Clean So Easy
Three Features Wave Stains Good-Bye

After the CERALIV coating dries, Nano-Fluff on the surface to reach 125° water contact angle provides the superb hydrophobic effect to bring you a self-cleaning effect like a lotus, making it difficult external dirt to adhere to the surface of the substrate. CERALIV coating products have passed the EU REACH safety verification to be used safely. CERALIV CASA professional construction team, whether bringing our slippers when entering the owner's house or placing the supplies after laying a protective film on the floor, all the details let customers feel that we do care about their home!

Reduce 50% Cleaning Time

Great hydrophobic effect,Keep stains from adhering


Withstand stains from penetrating,Keeping the house as new

European Union Non-Toxic Certification

Coatings are proved non-toxic by The Strictest REACH certification

What Material And Area
Is Suitable For Home Coating?

Stone, Wood, Metal, Bakingpaint, Glass, Suede… Everything material is suitable

What Material And Area
Is Suitable For Home Coating?

Stone, Wood, Metal, Bakingpaint, Glass, Suede… Everything material is suitable

Everyone Shares The Same Annoyance
Let’s See Previous Cases

Even the most luxurious mansion shares the same stains of annoyance like you and I have. Even the fanciest building material still suffers from stain issues. This is why as soon as CERALIV launched home coatings service; it is immediately welcomed by well-known entertainers, social media influencers, high-end construction projects, and luxury house owners. In these cases, you will find that everyone’s annoyances are surprisingly similar.

Appointment Process

Step 1. Communication, understand the needs

Evaluating the materials conditions, planning preliminary process, and making an appointment for measurement.

Step 2. Measurement and quotation

Giving advice based on the surface condition and taking measurements. Quote the price afterward.

Step 3. Confirmation

Do the final confirmation with the customer about price, dimension, date.

Step 4. Pre-treatment and cleaning

Before applying the coating, we fully clean and even lightly polish the surface to make sure it is the best quality.

Step 5. Home detailing

Choose the most suitable products based on the condition of the surface and customer's need.

Step 6. Acceptance inspection

After the coating is cured, acceptance inspection will be carried out to make sure the coating is doing its work. The subsequent maintenance will be taught as well.

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