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Give The Best Protection To The Surface Of Building Materials

CERALIV Home PPF effectively and directly isolates the object's surface from the outside. It has excellent protection, such as high scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and temperature resistance. The outstanding high ductility and high transparency of the material improve the surface's smoothness and protect it from corrosion and damage by acidic substances such as red wine, fruit juice, and vinegar.

High Ductility And High Transparency
The Priority Choice For Residential Building Material Protection

CERALIV CASA gained a lot of experience in home coating over the years. Most dirt prevention can be solved by coating, but any method is limited, such as acid and alkali corrosion and scraping. Therefore, we have developed a new service - home paint protective film(PPF), which opens up the possibility for owners to boldly use building materials and furniture daily.

Easy Maintenance And Fearless Use
Home Film Breaks Down Building Material Problems One By One

Each building material has its beauty and different concerns and maintenance methods. For example, metal is easy to accelerate surface oxidation due to changes in ambient temperature and humidity, which in turn affects aesthetics and functionality; natural stone has pores on the surface that are easy to absorb color and water, often turn yellow and cause water stains; the baking paint material is beautiful, but prone to fingerprints. The troubles mentioned above can be prevented through home film. CERALIV creates matte and glossy film options for different substrates, providing diversified and customized filming services!

Measurement And Quotation, Acceptance Inspection
A Detailed Explanation Of Home Film Price

CERALIV has always insisted on making information transparent, which includes our pricing method. As long as the object's surface is flat, regardless of the material, area, and shape angle, we charge 600 TWD for 30*30 cm. From contact, measurement, and construction to final acceptance, we pursue the highest quality customer service and provide comprehensive customized home film services. Before the film is applied, our team will do the basic cleaning for the surface and use a coating to repair the capillary pores so that the protection and adhesion of the object will be better, and subsequent maintenance and cleaning will be easier.

Three Major Advantages Of Home PPF


High Acid And Alkali-Resistance

The most challenging thing to maintain for stone is acid-resistant. CERALIV PPF is thick and tightly attached to the surface, directly preventing the capillary pores from juice or other acidic substances.

High Scratch Resistance

The film covers part or the entire material's surface with meticulous craft to achieve physical and direct wear resistance, which can be used safely and boldly.

High-Temperature Resistance

Do you like hot pots? CERALIV PPF can completely resist the high-temperature contact of the pot. Unlike traditional resins, it will not turn yellow when exposed to heat.

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