Textile Coating

Textile coating|CASA

The main textile materials at home are cloth sofas and pillows. With the advance of fabric technology, the emergence of cloth sofas brings more choices to the market. At relatively favorable prices, many families choose cloth sofas. However, due to the high absorption, cloth sofas are easily stained by liquid such as coffee, tea and wine.

Among so many kinds of cloth sofas, in order to solve the stains caused by drinks and liquids, the market has developed a variety of waterproof sofas and some even with good scratch resistance. This type of sofas mainly use artificial fibers to achieve a waterproof effect which does not need our coating surface since our coating can not be absorbed by the furniture.

If the cloth sofa you purchased is natural fiber, you need to seriously consider our coating service. Through our coating technology, the beautiful fabric sofa can effectively prevent all kinds of liquid from being absorbed into the fibers. Of course, this service didn’t stop from the sofas. Any textile fiber materials that absorb water in your home can be applied to achieve waterproof and anti-stain effects, allowing you to enjoy time at home with your family more relaxedly.

Textile coating|LUXURY

Fabric bags are versatile in a wide variety of styles and settings, but also bring romantic and eye-catching effect. A casual look can be perfectly matched with fabric bags, giving off a charming statement. However, fabric is as afraid of water as leather; if accidentally stained, even if immediately treated, still easy to let the dirt penetrate into the fiber, affecting the color of the fabric or even leave a dark stain.

I believe that we all know very well the characteristics of the fabric bag that can easily absorb water, plus the fabric made of interwoven vertical and horizontal cotton twill. When you attend a party and accidentally spill a drink, water, wine, or perfume on your favorite fabric bag, the uneven pattern on the surface will immediately cause indelible marks on the fabric when it touches these liquids, instantly affecting your good mood.

The biggest feature of CERALIV LUXURY is that it not just perfectly adheres to smooth leather, but also the uneven surfaces of fabric bags, allowing for strong stain resistance. Furthermore, the coating layer can penetrate deep into the fabric to protect every fiber, so that if you accidentally spill drinks or liquor on the textile bag, in addition to the strong water repellent power, you can also easily remove these stains by simply wiping and cleaning, effectively solving the pain points of the textile materials.