Case Sharing ARTE

The concept of CERALIV ARTE is to apply ceramic coating to works of art all over the world to protect the most precious of human society, which is called the brainchild of creativity and wisdom. Case sharing is not only a record, but also a constant reminder of the original intention of the brand: to preserve the most beautiful appearance of artworks forever.

Hundred Temple Gate Project

There are a total of 15,175 religious buildings in Taiwan. There is a folk saying that "a small temple in three steps and a large temple in five steps". Many temples even have a history of hundreds of years, but they have not been properly maintained. A platform that brings together experts in related fields, temple administrators, believers, and restoration talents, so that precious Taiwanese cultural assets can be preserved forever. The most important key man of the program is Mr. Tsai, who is the best restoration master in Taiwan. Mr. Tsai was the student of European restoration…

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Rodin The Thinker

The Thinker is a statue made of marble and copper by Auguste Rodin and his students. At present, there are only 46 statues of the Thinker in the world, which are extremely precious. According to the direct auction price, Rodin's worth has exceeded 100 million, measured by artistic value. The Thinker is an immortal masterpiece, but no matter how precious a work of art is, it cannot escape the influence of the climate. In addition to the bronze sculpture itself, the marble base below is also appalling. Asia University hopes The Thinker can be presented to all teachers, students and…

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Chi Mei Museum

The Chimei Museum is the private museum with probably the richest collections in Asia. Millions of people are coming to the museum for the collection of western arts every year. Around the museum, there is a 9-hectare green park which makes the museum more suitable for families. And the large number of tourists has made The Apollo Fountain in front of the museum become the most popular spot in social media in recent years. The Apollo Fountain is made of all marble. It is precious and becomes the face of the museum. In order to protect these marble statues, the…

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