Best Choice of Surface Protection|CERALIV


CERALIV is the third brand created by CHOOSE NanoTech. The first two brands have made great achievements in industrial and automotive coatings respectively. Many customers from the two areas have asked about the application possibilities of home building materials. CERALIV hence was born. Due to the rich experience, strong research and development of the head office, CERALIV's products have very mature technology and foundation as soon as the brand was launched.

Revolutionary Bonding Technology

High-standard ceramic coatings often need heating to be cured, which is difficult for daily use applications. However, CERALIV's R&D center breaks through the bottlenecks of the heating process. By combining with the moisture in the air, our coatings adhere to the objects surfaces strongly during the drying process, and will not fall off due to ultraviolet radiation, weather changes, and daily use.

Liquid Ceramic Technology

The color-change is inevitable during the curing process of ceramics. However, CERALIV not only overcomes the heating procedure but also the transparency obstacle. Our liquid ceramic technology allows our coating to become a transparent micron-level film even after curing. With patented bonding technology, this layer of protection firmly adheres to the surface and provides excellent stain resistance, durability and high temperature resistance.