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"Freeze the beauty of artwork in the perfect moment"

CERALIV ARTE has developed coatings as thin as cicada's wing and as transparent as crystal, so that the beauty of artworks can be passed on for generations.

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Hundred Temple Gate Project

There are a total of 15,175 religious buildings in Taiwan. There is a folk saying that "a small temple in three steps and a large temple in five steps". Many temples even have a history of hundreds of years, but they have not been properly maintained. A platform that brings together experts in related fields, temple administrators, believers, and restoration talents, so that precious Taiwanese cultural assets can be preserved forever.

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Rodin The Thinker

There are three masterpieces of bronze sculptures “The Thinker” in Taiwan, one of which is located in the Art Museum of Asia University in Taichung. Due to the impact of the climate, there have been rust, patina, rain spots, etc. The museum not only hired Taiwan's most famous artist restorer Mr. Tsai, but also cooperated with CERALIV ARTE to protect the precious bronze sculpture.

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Chi Mei Museum

The Chimei Museum is located in the ancient city, Tainan. The high temperature and high humidity in southern Taiwan, coupled with the salt in the air and typhoon storms in summer, have caused the white Carrara marble sculptures to suffer from discoloration, weathering, and yellowing, and even bird wastes. The surface of the eroded statue cannot be removed, which has a significant negative impact on the face of the museum. In order to solve this problem, the Chi Mei Museum has come to CERALIV ARTE for coating service.

Our service

The service of CERALIV ARTE focuses on "protection" and is divided into three major categories. The first is the condition examination of the artwork, which will provide a detailed report after surface inspection; the second is the the top restoration team led by Mr. Tsai gives CERALIV ARTE top art restoration capabilities and experience. Last but not least, based on liquid ceramic technology, we have created a dedicated coating surface protection service for artworks.

Condition inspection

Artworks, no matter how good the preservation conditions are, the humidity of the environment, changes in temperature, and even sunlight and lamp light will more or less damage them. CERALIV ARTE has handled thousands of works of art, and each work of art will be inspected before coating to plan the most suitable treatment method.


CERALIV ARTE has an in-depth understanding of the causes of dirt on various materials, and has created a full range of coating services. In addition to the condition inspection of artworks, we also provide maintenance and restoration services so that precious artworks and cultural relics can be returned to the appearance as beginning.

High-tech nano-ceramic coating protection

Some works of art are more susceptible to the environment and temperature than others. For this reason, CERALIV ARTE uses liquid ceramic technology as the basis to develop a coating solution specially for art works so that they can be maintained in the best appearance.

Patent coating technology

The special coating solution for artworks developed by CERALIV ARTE is based on our experience in industrial, automotive and residential coatings, as well as the integration of the most powerful three core technologies, allowing our coating solution to remain transparent and still provides the great protection.

Revolutionary Bonding Technology

High-standard ceramic coatings often need heating to be cured which is difficult to popularize in daily use. However, the R&D center of CERALIV ARTE breaks through the difficulties in the process, and does not require other equipment for curing treatment. Through the combination of moisture and temperature in the air, our coating will have a strong adhesion to the surface of the object during the drying process, and will not fall off due to ultraviolet radiation, changes in weather, and daily use.

Liquid ceramic technology

Ceramics tend to change color during the curing process, and CERALIV ARTE’s coating not only does not require heating to cure, but also achieves high transparency after curing. With the unique application, the ceramics become micron-level invisible films, and the patented bonding technology allows this protection layer to be firmly attached on the surface, providing excellent stain resistance, durability, and high temperature resistance.

Chemically strengthened ceramic technology

Chemically strengthened glass is through the bond exchange of ions in a high temperature environment to create changes of the glass structure, increasing the hardness of the glass by six to eight times. Compared with tempered glass that is baked at high temperature, chemically strengthened glass does not experience extreme temperature changes, so it does not cause the glass to bend or deform, and can maintain the original appearance of the object.

About TSJ Art Restoration

Mr. Tsai, the founder of TSJ Art Restoration, specializes in the restoration of important artworks, historic sites, woodwork paintings, sculptures and public art. He also designs and plans the management and maintenance systems of famous museums and art galleries. In 2019, it formed an indissoluble bond with CERALIV ARTE in the case of The Thinker, and joined hands to become the only full-service art brand in Taiwan that integrates inspection, restoration, and protection. In 2021, the Hundred Temples Project will be launched, with the core goals of talent cultivation, sustainable inheritance, continuing and promoting Taiwan's unique door gods and temple painting art.

More art pieces protection
Heritage and Antiquities

The Hundred Temples Project is just the tip of the iceberg. In the past few years, the TSJ team has worked on the restoration and protection of many temples and cultural relics, many of which have hundreds of years of history, such as the Daxian Temple in Baihe and the Longshan Temple in Mengka.

Public installation art

In front of many luxury building projects, parks, and science and technology parks, the large-scale public installation art that can be seen is often exposed to the weather because it is placed outdoors under the damage of the weather changes. In order to maintain it, it often has the transparency protective coating of CERALIV ARTE.

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