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A Bathroom Glass Without Water Stains

By studying the causes of water stains, CERALIV has developed bathroom coatings service, which has become the best solution to deal with water stains.

Tired Of Removing Endless Water Stains?
Try Bathroom Coatings Service

Water stain is definitely the most difficult stain to deal with in the bathroom. I believe everyone shares the same experience that even if it takes you a lot of time to clean and scrub, the water stain reappears after a few days. This is because the water stain is caused by alkaline substances erosion. As they appear, the surface of the glass is damaged, making it easier for water to adhere to the glass, causing a vicious circle. In order to completely solve the annoyance, CERALIV has developed a unique coating product with the concept that prevention is better than cure.

Bathroom Water Stains And Soap Scum Bother You?

CERALIV bathroom coating service can be applied to shower glass, walls, sink countertops, faucets, and other hardware. Water will be challenging to stay on the surface, shorten the time for stain formation, and can easily be removed. The general family bathroom coating costs about 10,000TWD.

Besides Glass, Where Else Can Bathroom Coating Be Done?

CERALIV bathroom coating services are various. In addition to shower room glass, it can be applied to mirrors, marble countertops, wood, faucets, sinks, dressing tables, washbasins, and other areas. CERALIV's coatings are all independently developed and manufactured by ourselves, and we can create coatings for different substrates, allowing us to provide diversified and customized bathroom coating services.

A Detailed Explanation Of Bathroom Coating Price

CERALIV has always insisted on making information transparent, which includes our pricing method. Regardless of the material and area, we charge 300 TWD for 30*30 cm. Taking our current average price of bathroom coating cases as an example, shower room glass (8,000), mirror (1,000), countertop (4,000), faucet (1,000), the total price is about 14,000 TWD, and the coating effect at least two years which means costs less than 600 TWD a month, and less than 20 TWD a day, and you can have a clean and bright bathroom that is easy to clean.

Bathroom Coating Is The Answer Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Powerful Hydrophobic

Coating repels external pollution,Water slides down from glass

Ceramic coating resists erosion

Ceramic protective layer resists,erosion of alkaline substances

Revolutionary Bonding technology

Coating strongly adheres to the surface,Hot water or shampoo foam makes no harm

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