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The Most Professional Customized Coating for Cherished Bags

Ceraliv Luxury provides the most professional services, and carries out 36 stringent tests for luxury designer bags. Based on the different materials and sizes of the leather of the customer's bags, we use cutting-edge coating technology to create the best anti-mold, water and stain resistance for your favorite bags.

Want to Safeguard Your Beloved Bag With the Best Protection, and “Lock” Your Designer Bag in Its Prime State?

We are the world's leading coating technology brand. We harness our exclusive ceramic coating technology and extend it to designer bag coating. No matter what kind of material, and even the most fragile special leather, such as ostrich skin, lizard skin and crocodile skin, we empower you to head out with your beloved bag with peace of mind. You no longer need to worry about the beg getting dirty or stained. We provide services not only for sustainability in fashion, but also about making your favorite bag a true work of art that continues to "stun" everyone around you. No matter what occasion you attend, you no longer need to worry about food, drink, rain and other disasters, and you don't have to worry about the growth of mold and mildew when you keep it at home, so that your designer bag will always look as new as the day you acquired it!

Why Is the Precious and Fragile Crocodile Leather So Valuable?

The reason why rare crocodile leather is so precious is that the tanning process is complicated and rare. While you marvel at the gleaming sheen of crocodile leather, you are always mindful that it is very fragile when coming into contact with water. Just a small amount of water drops or oil stains will immediately cause dark stains which are impossible to remove. So, from the preliminary inspection to the real completion of the coating, it takes a lot of effort to ensure that each layer of coating completely covers the grain of crocodile leather to achieve complete protection.

The Most Absorbent Bag Material Is the Canvas Fabric

Fabric or canvas bag designs remain timelessly popular, which also brings a big challenge to our coating team. Fabric bags are prone to absorbing water plus the vertical and horizontal cotton rope interwoven fabric; the uneven surface pattern requires even more delicate work when it comes to coating. However, even the most challenging textile can be easily overcome by our leading coating technology, so you no longer need to worry about water stain problems for your bag.

Exquisite Full Patchwork Leather Bag Embodies the Exquisite Technology of the Coating Process

The key characteristic of the patchwork leather bags and items is that it requires layers of different chemicals to cover the coating layer evenly for different materials of fabric and delicate stitching, so that every inch of the bag is afforded all-round protection. 

Nowadays, many kinds of bags are made of suede, which is difficult to maintain, as the lining, but because of its extremely fine fibers and soft feel, the fabric is quite permeable to moisture, so much so that even a drop of water can cause unrecoverable damage. However, the coated suede lining can be easily bounce off liquids even when coming into contact due to the nano-grade technology, and the coating layer can completely adhere to the leather, with super water repellent effect and stronger stain resistance.

Three Key Highlights of Bag Coating

Prevent mold breeding

Taiwan's climate is humid and hot, the coating can prevent mold breeding

Reduces 99% dirt and color picking

The coating layer has super anti-dirt and color picking power, so that you never have to worry about dirt on your exquisite items

Prevents metal oxidation and fading

The coating makes the metal last longer, you no longer have to be afraid of the rusting parts

CERALIV LUXURY Most Impressive Examples


愛馬仕 /客人/珍稀鱷魚皮革愛馬仕
chanel/客人/復古流蘇 Saint Laurent Solferino Box

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