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Keep Stain Away From Your Precious Furniture

CERALIV's home solution coating can be applied to a variety of home materials, whether it is wood, stone, metal, or fabrics. Our service will bring comprehensive furniture protection for our customers.

CERALIV Casa Prevent
The Beautiful Furniture From Stain

Furniture is often not only made of a single material, and no matter what material it is, it has its own dirt problems. CERALIV CASA has developed corresponding coatings for different materials, so we can provide all-round protection to furnitures that achieve excellent anti-stain property.

All-Round Furniture Protection
Extremely Stringent Acceptance Inspection

Research And Develop

Research the cause of stains and develop corresponding coatings

All Around Protection

Coatings have water-proof, anti-fingerprints and anti-stain effects

Stringent Acceptance

Marker and ketchup are used to prove the anti-stain property of coating

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