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A Kitchen Without Greasy Dirt

CERALIV’s kitchen coatings have great stain-resistance property which repels external sources of pollution. In addition, the coating really stops oily smoke generated during cooking from adhering to the countertops and facades, making it extremely easy to keep the kitchen as brand new.

Cleaning The Kitchen
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Kitchen is definitely the place that comes up with the most serious stains. Due to frequent use, there are various pollution sources such as water, oil, food, drinks, which cause multiple stains. If the stains appear, powerful stain removal products are needed too. Moreover, if marble is used in the kitchen, it is really difficult to maintain. Therefore, CeraLiv’s kitchen coatings service has always been very popular. With our transparent liquid ceramic coating, it provides a safe and non-toxic film on the substrate without changing the texture of the material. It also repels oil and water from penetrating. Cleaning has since become a piece of cake.

Solve A Variety Of Clean Problems Once And For All
Kitchen Coating Makes You Hassle-Free

Most kitchen countertops and islands use stone as the base, but there are tiny pores, whether artificial or natural marble. As a result, kitchen dirt can quickly leave stains and is difficult to remove on the beautiful countertop through these pores. CERALIV kitchen coating, whether artificial stone or marble coating, can fill the capillary pores without changing the original textile of the stone to achieve anti-fouling, easy-to-clean, anti-staining, and other effects.

Two Kitchen Areas Where Must Do The Coating

Except for the countertops, islands, and sinks that are most likely to be stained with oil, water, and sauces, which need to be coated, many people need to pay attention to two significant areas: the gas stove area and the range hood. Oil and water will spill all over the gas stove during cooking, and the range hood is also a hidden dirty area because of the constant touch of fingers and absorption of oil fumes. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use coating protection to reduce the burden of home cleaning.

Kitchen Coating Price Revealed
Time-Saving With Coatings

Every second counts; time is more precious than gold. If you use the kitchen coating wisely, the cost is less than 20 TWD a day, saving 50% of the cleaning time. For example, the average cost of CERALIV kitchen coating is 4,000 TWD for the countertop, 2,000 TWD for the facade, 4,000 TWD for the island, and a total price of 10,000 TWD for kitchen coating. If the coating effect is maintained for at least two years, the daily cost is less than 13 TWD. You can save half of the cleaning time, use it to accompany your family, and do what you like!

The ultimate solution
Kitchen Coating Makes You Hassle-Free

Great Protective Property

Ceramic coating provides,Powerful protection against stains

Completely Transparent Film

Coating has absolute transparency,No influence on the material texture

Non-Toxic and Resist Heat

Non-toxic certification from EU,Coating resist both stains and heat

Kitchen Coatings Successful Cases
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