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Even White Sofa Can be Easily Maintained

Sofa care troubles many people, so sofa coating is becoming more and more popular, especially leather sofas. However, whether it is a luxurious leather sofa or a fashionable and lightweight cloth sofa, there are difficulties in cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, CERALIV has developed corresponding coating products to provide the best sofa protection solution.

How To Protect The Sofa
If The Leather And Fabric Are Dyed?

The sofa is the most frequently used furniture in the home. Daily use makes it easy to get dirty, whether a leather or fabric sofa. The most significant difference between the sofa and other building materials is that it cannot be polished to remove stains. CERALIV exclusive coating technology has developed the highest level of sofa coatings for fabric and leather sofas, keeping your favorite sofas away from dirt and protecting your safety with the world's most stringent REACH EU inspection certificate.

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CERALIV develops exclusive coating products for the most common stains on leather and cloth sofas. Deep into the pores of the leather to protect every fiber of the fabric. The coating products have passed the most stringent international safety inspection certificate, allowing CERALIV to protect your precious sofa safely.

Where Should The Sofa Coating Be Applied?
This Place Is Essential!

The most easily dirty part of the sofa is the seat cushion, but according to dozens of CERALIV sofa coating cases, we also found that there is one place where stains are easy to appear, and that is the armrest. The sofa will often be dirty because of food or drink, but we all like to "temporarily" put them on it and accidentally knock the beverage over. Unfortunately, we have seen many such situations.

Price Transparency

Besides the kitchen and bathroom, the sofa has the highest frequency of use and is the most prone to dirt. According to CERALIV’s previous cases of sofa coating, the price of the most common three-seater sofa ranges from NT$6,000 to NT$8,000, the armchair ranges from NT$2,000 to NT$3,000 and so on.

Three Benefits Of Sofa Coating

Great Protective Property

Ceramic coating provides powerful protection against stains

The World's Highest Level Of Safety Certificate

Passed EU REACH non-toxic inspection,Keep your family and pet safe

Completely Transparent Film

Coating has absolute transparency,No influence on the material texture

The Cases Are For Your References
Sofa Coatings Successful Cases


New Taipei|Sofa|South of France Style
Taoyuan|Sofa|lead Gray Bright Glazed Leather
Taipei|Sofa|White Matte Leather

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