Glass Coating

Glass is a perfect building material due to the transparent characteristic. However, the alkaline substance in water will gradually corrode the surface and form annoying stains. If the stains are not cleaned immediately, it becomes limescale that cannot be removed after only a period of time.

Even if a hard-water filter is set up, the annoying water stains still can not be solved. Frequent cleaning is required to maintain the glass at its best condition. This is an annoyance for almost every family. What’s worse is that when the water stains appear some people use brushes and acids and alkalis detergents to clean.

Brushing might hurt the glass surface and leave scratches and detergents on the other hand could erode the floor. Hence, CERALIV created a coating specific for glass with the highest water-repellent effect among all the others. It greatly reduces the water stain from happening and even if they are formed, they can be easily removed. In addition, the patented revolutionary bonding technology allows our coating to firmly attach to the surfaces and will not peel off by daily cleaning.