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The vision of CERALIV is that we hope all families around the world are able to take advantage of our high-performance coating, and release our customers from the endless cleaning chore. Case Sharing is not merely a simple record, but also a self-reminder of our original intention, which is to improve the living standard and make the world a better place.

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Embrace The Richness of Life With Easy-To-Clean Solution

Home is a direct way to understand a person. Besides the outside world, we spend most of our time at home. Every small decision is influenced by the homeowner's life experiences, daily needs, and future aspirations. Preferences may change over time, but good design, once it becomes a classic, can be reused again and again. Through the use of stain-resistant, color-preserving, and transparent liquid ceramic coating, CERALIV Home Coating evokes a sense of appreciation for "home" and there's no need to be overly cautious.

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Home Should Place Your Soul, Not the Dirt

Many people gained a deeper understanding of coating starting from the car. They know that coating can provide an easy-to-clean function and essential protection. For example, the homeowner used to apply the car coating and had a good experience, but she never thought it could apply to the home space. She used various marble colors for the home decoration to complete the exquisite imagination. But how soft marble is and how easy to cause damage. It must be "treated" gently and carefully, which is a great challenge for the owner who wants to enjoy her day off...

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Kaohsiung bathroom coating case study | Young couple struggling with stubborn water spots!

This young couple settled down in Kaohsiung after working hard to buy a house and preparing to start their happy life. The first question that came to mind was how to maintain the perfect appearance of the house as it was on the first day of moving in. They thought of many solutions, until they accidentally came across information about residential coating on the internet. They realized that if cars can be maintained through coating, why not homes? They were excited about this discovery and immediately searched for and compared many brands for home coating...

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The Best Present From Real Estate Agent

Have you worried about what kind of housewarming gift you should give your friends or family who move into a new home? Some prefer tissue paper, bath sets, furniture, appliances, etc. However, this real estate agent wants to find something unique, valuable, and timeless. As a real estate agent, he spends almost half a year helping his client find the ideal house because so many "quirky" problems need to be solved. For example, the couple is busy at work, so location is essential. In addition, they have children and pets; thus, the house size needs to be considered. Their parents are also traditional ;therefore, they care about Feng Shui...

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Feel The Throbbing Again Like the First Time

We all know that more dirt accumulates, and we must spend more time dealing with it. The owner of this case has formed a habit of cleaning any dirt immediately, but the diffusion velocity of water stains is beyond belief. "How late is too late?" the owner said. There are clouds of water stains on the shower glass and floor-to-ceiling windows in the home, which can no longer be solved by the regular cleaning method. Instead, those cleaners and brushes on the side describe how hard he worked...

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Enjoy Coffee Time! CERALIV PPF Solve The Marble Problem Once And For All

Understanding that the owner wants to solve the problem of acid and alkali corrosion, we suggested that Home PPF is the most effective way and also showed the previous case of stone filming as a reference. Knowing that the change in texture is extremely subtle and can extend the practicality and aesthetics of building materials, the owner decided to film the marble island and round table because it can prevent corrosion and resist the friction of pots and pans...

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