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Kitchen Coating

The vision of CERALIV is that we hope all families around the world are able to take advantage of our high-performance coating, and release our customers from the endless cleaning chore. Case Sharing is not merely a simple record, but also a self-reminder of our original intention, which is to improve the living standard and make the world a better place.

全屋自己手繪的新家✨ 沒請設計師!自己設計的優缺點?室內25坪|奶白侘寂風|新家開箱


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The Coexistence of Daily and Aesthetic by CERALIV Home Coating

As a mother and the homeowner, she believes that having personal preferences should not be considered a “demand”. Additionally, ensuring that residents can live comfortably for the long time, opting for a home coating that protects the building materials while being easy to clean is a wise choice. Based on the recommendation of a friend who had also used CERALIV Home Coating, the homeowner decided to apply transparent and colorless liquid ceramic coating to the entire kitchen and bathroom.

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Feel The Throbbing Again Like the First Time

We all know that more dirt accumulates, and we must spend more time dealing with it. The owner of this case has formed a habit of cleaning any dirt immediately, but the diffusion velocity of water stains is beyond belief. "How late is too late?" the owner said. There are clouds of water stains on the shower glass and floor-to-ceiling windows in the home, which can no longer be solved by the regular cleaning method. Instead, those cleaners and brushes on the side describe how hard he worked...

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The Freedom To Explore Life and Self At Will

This owner is starting her solitary life. She moved one floor away from her parents, and she could enjoy freedom while maintaining close contact with her family.We noticed a corner full of toys and children's books when we went to measurement. The owner said she would help to take care of her nephew sometime, but it was challenging to keep an eye on them all the time because she was alone. If she didn't pay attention, he might fall over, or the furniture or countertop may be used as a canvas to "create."...

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Do Not Let Stains Bother the Magic Baking Time

The smell of butter was in the air when we walked into Ribbon Bakery. Two sizable ivory-white marble islands are where the owner teaches her baking classes. The marble lights up the whole space, but how to maintain this elegance? Cream, jam, edible pigment, spices, and other ingredients commonly used in baking, even if the owner is carefully maintained, it is challenging to avoid the dye into the countertop. She knows cleanliness is the most basic but vital respect for all customers and students, much less she manages the bakery alone. No matter when the class is over, the owner…

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