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CERALIV Joins Hands With The Second Generation Of The Teahouse To Inherit The Proficiency

Unlike the bustling Zhongshan North Road, the case to be shared today is located in an alley on Shidong Road. A teahouse with bright orange exterior forms an exciting contrast with the quiet atmosphere around it.

The owners are second-generation of the traditional tea house. Their parents have run a famous tea house in Tianmu for over 20 years. A shop can operate for a long time, paying attention to the details of tea leaf selection and maintaining good customer relationships, which is necessary.

This case is a newly opened store. The brother and sister combined tradition and modernity. They believe the transition requires a "layer" to make everything go smoothly.

The owners have been committed to creating the best tea-tasting space, so CERALIV is invited to apply coatings on the places where the storefront is most prone to dirt, such as sinks and countertops, which are the most frequently used.

Easy-to-clean and low-maintenance are what the owners care most about. So they look forward to using advanced coating technology to provide a more manageable environment, saving time and paying more attention to enhance their service and quality.

CERALIV creates a more comfortable home space for families and conditions for retail spaces to enjoy daily. It is a great honor that we have succeeded in allowing modern technology and traditional teahouses to coexist together.