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Taoyuan case study | the easy-clean black kitchen

As the temperature drops, let's take a look back at a warm August case study. The living space used a huge amount of black, gray, and white colors, with pure black kitchenware paired with walls that resemble clouds in the dark night, showcasing the beauty of contrasting tensions.

Most designs that focus on dark materials aim to create a calm space and also to avoid dirt and stains being too visible in future use. However, stains come in all colors, and the most stubborn of them all is limescale. Deposits of calcium leave grayish-white marks that can ruin the aesthetics of an all-black kitchen sink.

As the number one culprit for household cleanliness, limescale can make any object look unpleasant, even if everything else is clean. Moreover, limescale cannot be easily removed with just water or a damp cloth. Therefore, it can be found almost everywhere, from the sink and countertops to shower glass.

CERALIV home coating residential coating uses liquid ceramic technology to smooth out the rough surfaces of furniture and building materials, making it difficult for dirt to adhere or penetrate the objects. It is ideal for maintaining a clean home environment and can replace complex and environmentally unfriendly cleaning agents, making cleaning more efficient and effortless.

During the inspection, the homeowner watched as water droplets and streams flowed effortlessly into the drain from the glass and sink, and the strange pen marks representing highly polluted sources were easily wiped away from the marble surface.

With CERALIV, worries about a clean home slowly fade away without a trace or fanfare. After all, what matters most are the people and objects that live inside, as they are the true protagonists of this scene.