Best Choice of Surface Protection|CERALIV

Not Just Protect the Owner's House, But Also Complete the Designer's Work

It is not the most luxurious case we have done; however, the atmosphere conveyed by the whole space is stylish and energetic. We can feel the design company's challenge and sense of accomplishment when they dealt with this creation.

The house owner is a young male with incredible taste. So we can see those fantastic designs and details everywhere, such as the combination of different materials, and therefore various situations will happen.

The counter is made with a high-end saddle that is easy to stain; the travertine with hygroscopicity makes it challenging to maintain, and the limescale is all over the faucet.

We can solve those issues once and for all through CERALIV high-standard ceramic coatings. Even if there is a stain, it can be removed with a simple cleaning method.

Leather, marble, and metal all have their solutions. We make the decoration not only attractive but also practical. As a result, the owner can live trustingly and allow designers to use different building materials more boldly to complete the most creative work in their minds.