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Luxury bags are easy to buy but tough to maintain CERALIV LUXURY seals your bag in its best condition

Bags are our most loyal companions, giving us stability and security. How wonderful it is to carry a beautiful bag out every day! Yet, the caring for the bag causes so many headaches! With CERALIV LUXURY’s number one coating technology, you can forever seal your favorite bag in its original condition, preserve the beautiful moment in eternity, and give your bag the greatest protection.

As time advances, plus the ramifications of social media, the pursuit of luxury goods sees no end and materialistic desires are insatiable. Bags are a cure-all is a familiar phrase to many, and indeed it is believed by staunch bag lovers that a beautiful bag will stave off any misery. Many have become very frugal just to save up for that fervently coveted bag. They have reserved an indispensable, irreplaceable place in our wardrobe for bags which are deemed as a stand-alone fashion essential. The bags that we have gone to great lengths to acquire will absolutely need extra care to stay in their best condition.

However careful they are in carrying or handling an expensive bag, bag lovers are forever worried about scratching or smudging their bag. It is also a challenge to store the bags without them getting damp or out of shape. Most people place desiccant packets inside the bag and randomly leave it in a humid environment, which is detrimental and will shorten the bag’s lifespan. CERALIV was first founded as a home décor protecting company specializing in maintaining interior decoration by using a transparent color-less ceramic spray coating. In our line of business, we often have customers inquire about luxury goods coatings. Their inquiries then prompted us to set up CERALIV LUXURY, offering luxury goods coating services. On the strength of our parent company’s advanced materials R&D capacity, we studied the leather goods and dyeing technologies of all major luxury brands and developed coating liquids geared specifically for luxury bags. Our coating liquids offer maximum dirt-resistance and protection without undermining the bag’s quality and texture, so as to keep the precious and expensive bags in a perfect, like-new condition.

CERALIV LUXURY will keep your beloved bag in its best pristine condition
Every spring and summer, all major brands launch stellar eye-catching light-color bags. But many are concerned that light-color bags are high maintenance. They are put off by them. But you only need to hand over your bags to CERALIV LUXURY for professional coating and 99% of smudges and discoloring will be prevented. We ensure that your beloved bag will stay in its best condition.

CERALIV LUXURY’s world-leading coating technology, having undergone the 36-step skin quality verification, is designed to shrink the pores on the bag and increase its density to shield the bag from the contact with air and moisture and achieve optimal protection, while retaining over 80% of the original texture.

Those living in Taiwan will concur that Taiwan, with its year-round clammy humidity due to the subtropical climate, is not a friendly place for bag storage. Bags that have been rained on and left aside for too long will become damp and moldy and eventually crack and grow fluffy fungus. However, the coating treatment by CERALIV LUXURY will curb the fungus growth, and at the same time, keep the luster of the metal components on the bag from oxidation and fading so that it will maintain its like-new pristine condition.

CERALIV LUXURY offers 100% customer satisfaction
For many, bags are like one’s own offspring and require the best care, and only true professionals can offer the best care.

Shiyansuo(時延所) means a time-prolonging firm. We offer more than surface protecting services - we freeze beauty in the present. Adhering to the vision of “Seal the Moment’, CERALIV LUXURY‘s excellent service provides free comprehensive consultation. To save time, you can book an online consultation and we will promptly arrange for our professional staff to contact you and assess whether your luxury item is fit for the coating treatment. Once the coating service is confirmed to go ahead, your bag will be forwarded to a professional dust-free lab for a professional treatment by a specialist (taking about 3 to 5 days) with top-notch quality guaranteed.

With abundant experience, CERALIV LUXURY 時延所 will absolutely meet the demands of all bag lovers with its best service. Be sure to drop by CERALIV LUXURY 時延所, straight after you buy your next dream bag.

Be a witness to the maximum protection we can offer your bags and be overawed.