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From major newspapers and magazines, news media on the CERALIV LUXURY business concept and product features, professional service recognition and accolades, CERALIV LUXURY designer bags and accessories coating is offered through exclusive technology of liquid ceramic coating, without affecting the appearance and feel of the designer item under the premise of bringing the strongest protection to the delicate designer items, so that you can bring your bag out with peace of mind, assured that your beloved item will always look like new. That’s why we have been so enthusiastically featured by many influencers and bloggers.

Bags are easy to buy but hard to maintain! CERALIV LUXURY's coating technology for boutiques can seal the best moment.

Bags are our most loyal companions, giving us stability and security. How wonderful it is to carry a beautiful bag out every day! Yet, the caring for the bag causes so many headaches! With CERALIV LUXURY’s number one coating technology, you can forever seal your favorite bag in its original condition, preserve the beautiful moment in eternity, and give your bag the greatest protection.CERALIV, was originally set up to protect your dream home. After interior decoration, we apply transparent and colorless ceramic coating to maintain the best home appearance. During the decoration process, many customers shared their concerns about their precious …

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Good news for bag lovers! CERALIV LUXURY's high-quality coating technology will keep the bag in the best condition forever

I believe you all have the experience of your favorite bag getting moldy, deformed after storage, or accidentally scratched and stained. It upsets us when we see our valuables damaged. The high-quality coating technology provided by "CERALIV LUXURY Shi-Yan Suo" can solve your concerns and seal the most beautiful moment of your precious bags for a long time!What is “CERALIV LUXURY” Shi-Yan Suo?CERALIV was originally set up to protect dream homes. After home decoration, we apply a layer of transparent and colorless ceramic coating to maintain the best home appearance. During the decoration process, many customers shared their troubles with moldy bags. They …

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Luxury bags are easy to buy but tough to maintain CERALIV LUXURY seals your bag in its best condition

Bags are our most faithful partner and bring us stability and a sense of security. Going out carrying a beautiful bag promises immeasurable bliss. But bag care can be a real thorny task for all bag lovers. CERALIV LUXURY boasts the world-leading coating technology that keeps your beloved luxury bag in a pristine state and eternally seals its beauty with maximum protection. As time advances, plus the ramifications of social media, the pursuit of luxury goods sees no end and materialistic desires are insatiable. Bags are a cure-all is a familiar phrase to many, and indeed it is believed by …

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