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The Up-To-Date Cleaning 2022 Trends To Know

Another year has passed, and the essential Lunar Year is coming. Every family should worry about spring cleaning.

When we mention spring cleaning, most people will think of the endless scrubbing and sore muscles. But, of course, after years of hard work, we want to relax and wait for the spring festival but to clean efficiently and not hurt our back or extremities, which is profound knowledge.

Before cleaning, we could refer to the following strategies for specific spring cleaning provided by Baby Clean and CERALIV.

Most Economical - Cleaning by Yourself
If you do not mind being exhausted during spring cleaning without a professional cleaner's help, here are some home cleaning tips for the kitchen, bathroom, and dusty furniture.

The bathroom should be the most troublesome cleaning place for all families. The main issues are water stains on the mirror or shower glass and the mildew in every corner.

The trick is to use vinegar and leave it for a while, and it will quickly wipe water stains and keep them clean; however, it may cause an odor. You can also use wet wipes dipped in citric acid. For mildew in every corner, we recommend applying bleach and leaving it for a while before removing it.

The dirt and grease in the kitchen also should not be underestimated. You can use baking soda to clean it.

The main problem with furniture is the dust on the surface. Therefore, use a dry disposable cleaning cloth or duster to wipe off dust first, then clean it with a wet cloth and wipe it dry again.

Save Time - Find the Professional
The above cleaning tips seem easy. But it will take you all day, and you may not reach the ideal results even if you sweat like a pig. This is because the dirt accumulated over a year is challenging to clean. In addition, because of safety issues, the cleaners will not be sufficiently effective.

Be nice to yourself in this year's spring clean. First, find a professional to save time and effort, bringing you more convenience.

CERALIV recommends the professional cleaning service platform "BABY CLEAN" to you. They have complete confidence in the cleaning field. No matter how chaotic the environment or challenging the dirt is, their professionalism can restore the space condition like a new one.

BABY CLEAN creates a professional SOP, providing various customized and complete after-services that give you a one-of-a-kind home cleaning service.

You have worked hard and been tortured by the epidemic for a year. So this year, please be nice to yourself. Hire a professional cleaning company and let them clear efficiently.

You? Just relax and enjoy your vacation.

Once And For All - Time Stop at the Wonderful Moment
A good cleaning will freshen up the house, but some indomitable stains, such as grease or water stains, will soon appear. Can the home be kept just new and tidy?

Of course!

Many people have hired a professional cleaning team to do spring cleaning, and there is a more brilliant way. But unfortunately, due to most of the spring break being a one-time service, we cannot only clean the home once a year. As the iconic home coating brand, CERALIV cooperates with BABY CLEAN in that they want to provide a once-for-all lifestyle.

Besides the new home, the best time to apply home coating must be after the spring cleaning because when people return to their hometown or take a short trip, the layer will have sufficient drying time.

CERALIV already served more than one hundred families last year, allowing them to enjoy a more comfortable and convenient life. So if you have been troubled by water stains in the bathroom and grease in the kitchen, seize the chance to make an appointment to experience the fabulous cleaning and home coating service from CERALIV and BABY CLEAN!