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The continuous praise of CERALIV’s entrepreneurial philosophy, product features, and professional services from major newspapers, magazines, and other media encourages CERALIV to continue building a complete residential coating system.



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CERALIV CASA Participates in the Kaohsiung Building Show 2022 For the First Time

Have you ever heard of home coating? A new interior decoration trend has been commonly applied in north and central Taiwan for a long time. It is the goal and dream of many people to have a beautiful home. We would choose our favorite style to decorate and move in when the renovation has been completed. However, we always forget the most important part-home coating.We always said home coating is the last thing before moving into a new house because it keeps the original and perfect appearance just as the same as the beginning. Moreover, the coating can maintain…

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The Up-To-Date Cleaning 2022 Trends To Know

Another year has passed, and the essential Lunar Year is coming. Every family should worry about spring cleaning. When we mention spring cleaning, most people will think of the endless scrubbing and sore muscles. But, of course, after years of hard work, we want to relax and wait for the spring festival but to clean efficiently and not hurt our back or extremities, which is profound knowledge. Before cleaning, we could refer to the following strategies for specific spring cleaning provided by Baby Clean and CERALIV. If you do not mind being exhausted during spring cleaning without a professional cleaner's…

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Dead Or Alive? A Day Of Indulgence In Luxury Apartments

Today, Heaven Raven comes to a mysterious building with parking several limited edition supercars, high-end decorations, and designer furniture. I can directly feel what the words “luxurious and invaluable” try to express. Since I am here with the owner, let me revel in the upscale life. CERALIV CASA is the home coating brand created by CHOOSE NanoTech. They also have extensive experience in industrial and automotive coating, with strong research and development abilities. Compared with other home coating brands, CERALIV CASA has a mature technology and cornerstone. Even hygroscopic material can apply the ceramic coating…

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“Brighten up the world through charitable activities. DIY coatings revive road-reflecting mirrors, and protect the safety on the road.”

Taiwan’s climate changes, coupled with the effects of acid rain and exhaust emissions, often make road-reflecting mirrors dirty, foggy, or worse covered with moss. In order to give road users a safer driving environment, the International Youth Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China (JCI Taiwan) has launched a long period charitable activity named "Brighten up the world with charity", aimed to make these often overlooked but vital road-reflecting mirrors, regain their original status. CHOOSE NanoTech and CERALIV representatives (left) and Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong joined in the charitable activity "Brighten up the corners of the world”...

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