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PTT And Mobile 01 Are Praised, Making CERALIV’s 9h Hardness The Home Coating Industry New Standard

For many people, residential coating has become the top priority after buying a home, making this topic increasingly popular in our society. Besides the German coating products, there is a name which has been very well received from the public: Taiwan’s CHOOSE NanoTech’s CERALIV.

CERALIV offers professional residential coatings as well as DIY home coating products. Thanks to the mother company CHOOSE NanoTech’s rich experience and strong developing skills acquired in the industrial and automotive field, as soon as CERALIV products were launched they achieved what others cannot achieve: a patented coating for absorbing materials which provides home’s full protection.

Protecting Top Level Design Hotels

The Slumberland bed used by the British royal family, the world champion coffee from Wang Ce, and the silverware of Georg Jensen, can all be found at the SWIIO hotel, located in Da’An district Taipei. Its style, which features top brands from all over the world, is very well received from the international design community. However, same as white shoes, its pure white design might be a pleasure to watch, but a nightmare to maintain. That’s why it needs special protection, in particular the bathroom glass which needs to be provided with waterproof and easy-to-clean effect, to match with the interiors of all white stones. In a high-humidity environment like bathrooms, it is easy for normal coatings to lose efficiency after a short period of time. In the past, the high-standard ceramic coating was difficult to popularize due to the fact that it had to be cured by heating.

However, thanks to CHOOSE NanoTech’s patented Revolutionary Bonding Technology (RBT), the application of the home coating can be completed without other instruments for curing treatment. By the combination of the humidity and temperature in the air, CERALIV's coating will have strong adhesion to the surface of the object during the drying process, even in an environment with extreme temperature changes.

The Sulfur Challenge: Beitou High-Rise Outdoor Floor Coating

In Beitou’s most expensive apartment, not only the owner can enjoy the whole view of Taipei city by simply walking out to the balcony, but also enjoy a body and mind-healing hot spring by simply taking the elevator to the first floor. One of the owners, who lives on the top floor and is experiencing CERALIV coating’s strong protection in the public hot spring house, immediately contacted us. Living on the top floor is a dream for many, but the building materials can be easily damaged by long exposure to sun and rain. On top of that, Beitou has a unique air, and even if the Indian black granite on the balcony is a hard and durable stone, it won’t prevent water spots and stains from appearing. While adding excellent protection, CERALIV special treatment plus coating almost restored the granite’s original quality. We gave back the owner the pleasure of sipping a drink while enjoying the view, in that place that he spent half of his life to create that is called home!

Traditional ceramic coatings will inevitably change color during the curing process which will result in loss of quality for design and decoration. Other than no need of heat for curing, CERALIV’s Liquid Ceramic Technology (LCT), turns the ceramic into a micron-level invisible film with patented adhering technology, so that this layer of protection firmly adheres on the surface, providing excellent stain and high temperature resistance, and high durability. CERALIV’s vision is to provide our technologies to families all over the world, so that they can enjoy the advantages of coating, and be again the masters of their own. Do you want to give your family the perfect protection? Do you want to experience the most professional residential coating service? You can go to CERALIV’s website and fill the specific form. Our service specialist will reply in one business day! The world is not lacking beauty, but the proper protection of her.