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“Brighten up the world through charitable activities. DIY coatings revive road-reflecting mirrors, and protect the safety on the road.”

Taiwan’s climate changes, coupled with the effects of acid rain and exhaust emissions, often make road-reflecting mirrors dirty, foggy, or worse covered with moss. In order to give road users a safer driving environment, the International Youth Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China (JCI Taiwan) has launched a long period charitable activity named "Brighten up the world with charity", aimed to make these often overlooked but vital road-reflecting mirrors, regain their original status.

CHOOSE NanoTech and CERALIV representatives (left) and Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong joined in the charitable activity "Brighten up the corners of the world”.

The "Brighten up the world with charity" initiative of the Youth Chamber of Commerce has gone through 4 sessions. Although most of the road-reflecting mirrors can be restored to good condition after cleaning, they are difficult to maintain. In order to give road-reflecting mirrors the unique dirt-resistance and self-cleaning effect, the leading brand of residential coating CERALIV was invited to cooperate. Zhu Jisheng, founder of CHOOSENanoTech’s CERALIV said "We have always implemented the concept of protection. It is an honor to be invited to contribute to the safety of road users in Taiwan through this charity event. I believe that CERALIV’s participation in the "Brighten up the world with charity" will let more people “see” the value of road-reflecting mirrors and how it can ensure the safety of road users throughout Taiwan."

Minister Lin Jialong (second from left), President of the Youth Chamber of Commerce Guo Wenyan (second from right) and two legislators, wiped the mirror in the name of road traffic safety.

Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong said that although the district authorities would clean the reflectors regularly, the facilities on roads however, are too many that the government can hardly take care of. Through cooperating with civil society organizations, the government is able to enhance the qualities of public service and get a win-win situation. Thus, he felt appreciated that JCI Taiwan popularizes the charitable activity because the reflectors are really vital for all motorists.

For this charity event, CERALIV provided its dirt-resistance, self-cleaning DIY coating: ENANCHE. By simple application, “nano-fluff” will form on the surface of the road-reflecting mirror, preventing water and dirt from adhering on the surface, even after a heavy rain storm. Just like an invisible volunteer who always guards the safety of road users in Taiwan and provides them a safer driving environment.