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The 5 major features of CERALIV LUXURY coating protect

There are various luxury coatings brands in the business. What are the differences between CERALIV LUXURY and them? In this article, CERALIV LUXURY will tell you what are the 5 major features that make us unique and unplaceable.

Feature 1: Ultra thin film
CERALIV LUXURY takes the technology and experience from the parent company CHOOSE NanoTech, and bring the world's leading liquid ceramic ultra-thin film technology to the CERALIV LUXURY coating service that reaches anti-stain, high transparency, and anti-oxidation. CERALIV provides the exquisite bags the best protection on the premise of maintaining the original touch and appearance.

Feature 2: Extremely accurate
CERALIV LUXURY has created an all around inspection when we receive exquisite bags. This inspection allows us to provide the most accurate and appropriate protection for each unique and precious bag.

Feature 3: Super Anti-stain
CERALIV LUXURY coating protection gives cloth bags a great waterproof effect up to 2-3 years, and even achieves anti-graffiti tests on leather bags. The anti-graffiti test proves CERALIV LUXURY coating is able to reduce 90% of stains, so that even if the leather bag is accidentally stained, it can be easily cleaned.

Feature 4: The most secure
CERALIV LUXURY sees safety as the most important thing. We not only have the SGS safety test, all of our products have also passed the EU REACH which is the most stringent safety standard test in the world that ensures our products are non-toxic and harmless to the human body and the environment.

Feature 5: Extremely transparent
CERALIV LUXURY has created charging standards as open and transparent as our coating which are exactly published on the website with size calculation standards. All applicators have received complete professional training and follow the standard process to give our dear customer the best experience.