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對於居家鍍膜還有很多疑問嗎?為此,CeraLiv 蒐集了客戶最常詢問的問題,並且彙集在常見問題頁面裡面,希望能夠釐清您的困惑。

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Can CERALIV LUXURY apply coatings on all materials?

Recently, a lot of our customers come with an assembled bag. Then, they asked the same question. My bag has different materials and can you apply the coating on all the materials?The answer is long before we create CERALIV LUXURY, all around protection is put into consideration. Yes, we can protect all materialsCERALIV LUXURY offers all around protection on every material, leather, suede, metal, you name it. The original intention of CERALIV LUXURY is to offer people the best leather bag protection in the business. After two years of researching and developing, we can say with full confidence that…

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How do CERALIV LUXURY coating service charge?

How we charge is what every customer cares about. That’s why when CERALIV LUXURY was founded, we designed a very simple charging method.We charge by size, simple and clear Even though CERALIV LUXURY is a very young brand, we have a great foundation in CERALIV CASA which is our home solution coating brand that has already become the most trusted and welcomed brand in Taiwan. The key to our success is the simple and clear quotation standard.We copy and paste the trustworthy quotation method and set a clear standard based on the size of the bags. The size …

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Does CERALIV LUXURY provide service throughout Taiwan?

As mentioned in other Q&A articles, the vast majority of customers will ask whether they can make an online quotation, and when the quotation is confirmed, the next question is, “Is your service available in all counties and cities?”The professional application lab in capital city, Taipei.CERALIV LUXURY pays special attention to details. In order to provide the best experience for customers, CERALIV LUXURY has specially built a laboratory. In the lab, in order to provide customers with the most reassuring coating experience, professionally trained coating applicators will openly and transparently display all coating processes in front of customers…

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Will the coating affect the identification results?

There are rumors that the coating will mislead verification of the delicate bag which causes distrust of luxury coating. In fact, we are not surprised that there will be such a phenomenon, because every coating brand uses different coating materials, and some of the coating might actually cause this unfortunate incident.Here comes the question: is the CERALIV LUXURY possible to cause this situation? To answer this question, we sent one of our coated Hermès bags to a professional boutique appraiser and the results are as follows. Our coating is a transparent ultra-thin film.CERALIV LUXURY knows the value…

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How long is the warranty period of the coating service?

Revolutionary Bonding Technologies (RBT) that overturns the imagination:The vast majority of coating service on the market might provide adequate protection at the beginning, but over a long period of time and changing climates, the coating layer is easily mottled off if the adhesion force is not excellent. The protection effect can be greatly reduced in just two or three months. Through our Revolutionary Bonding Technology (RBT), our film after drying, will produce strong adhesion. With only one coat, your bag can enjoy permanent protection, unless the leather is cut directly with a sharp object such as a knife …

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How long does CERALIV LUXURY boutique coating last?

Is there a timeliness for exquisite bag coating? Do I have to do it again after the bag coating is done? Don't worry, this article will answer all your questions about timeliness.High-quality permanent protection.Most of the coating products have good protection at the beginning, but after a short period of time the coating layer will easily peel off due to the lack of adhesion. The effect, hence, will disappear in only two or three months.CERALIV LUXURY creates coatings based on our revolutionary bonding technology (RBT) which makes the coating strongly adhere on the surface when it’s cured…

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