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How long does CERALIV LUXURY boutique coating last?

Is there a timeliness for exquisite bag coating? Do I have to do it again after the bag coating is done? Don't worry, this article will answer all your questions about timeliness.

High-quality permanent protection
Most of the coating products have good protection at the beginning, but after a short period of time the coating layer will easily peel off due to the lack of adhesion. The effect, hence, will disappear in only two or three months.

CERALIV LUXURY creates coatings based on our revolutionary bonding technology (RBT) which makes the coating strongly adhere on the surface when it’s cured. That means our coating only needs to be done once to have permanent protection.

Unless sharp objects such as knives, keys, forks leave scratches on the leather substrate, or our RBT allows the coating to be attached to the fine bags for near-permanent results.

Easy Maintenance
Our boutique coatings are double-layer structures. The bottom layer will firmly adhere to the surface of the bag. The upper layer, which is the nano-fleece, will gradually disappear due to wear and tear over time, there is no need to worry about it. The maintenance is easy and fast.

First, a soft brush can be used to gently brush off the dust, and then use our exclusive maintenance coating to make the bag forever new by simple wiping.

CERALIV CARE lifetime warranty program, only we dare to say and do in the business.

While we continue to improve our technology, we are more committed to providing consumers with better after-sales service. In order to provide longer-term protection, CERALIV LUXURY has launched a new extended warranty program. Consumers who complete our coating service can enjoy a whole year LUXURY CARE warranty.

After the one-year warranty expires, consumers who want to renew the warranty can purchase an additional three-year warranty renewal contract. As long as the contract reaches the record of returning for a health check once a year, the contract can be renewed for an unlimited number of times. With the lowest cost, you have the most supreme courtesy, allowing you to enjoy the top-level lifetime warranty service.