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Will the coating affect the identification results?

There are rumors that the coating will mislead verification of the delicate bag which causes distrust of luxury coating. In fact, we are not surprised that there will be such a phenomenon, because every coating brand uses different coating materials, and some of the coating might actually cause this unfortunate incident.

Here comes the question: is the CERALIV LUXURY possible to cause this situation? To answer this question, we sent one of our coated Hermès bags to a professional boutique appraiser and the results are as follows.

Our coating is a transparent ultra-thin film
CERALIV LUXURY knows the value of boutique bags. Since we have decided to meet the customer's demand for boutique coatings, it must not affect the value. The coatings which CERALIV LUXURY created are in the micron level and completely transparent. Our coating can not be seen or touched once they are cured.

Certified by professional appraisers
To eliminate the doubts, we sent the Hermes to SOPHIA, the founder and boutique appraiser of Real You. The boutique certification results by her is admitted by three bulk markets which are the United States, Japan and China.

 Real you is a company that has obtained a globally recognized appraisal certificate. It is a company that specializes in identifying the transaction value of high-quality products. It uses special appraisal equipment so that both buyers and sellers can obtain the protection of their rights and interests.

For us, SOPHIA is the perfect person to do the certification. She said and we quote: that the coating will indeed slightly affect the fineness and texture, which may have an impact on the purchase price of the second-hand market, but if you want to extend the service life of light-colored bags, the coating is highly recommended!

The results of Hermes is officially recognized
The exquisite bags that have been identified by SOPHIA will obtain a global certification. For example: the Hermes bag. She gave us the official certification which is recognized worldwide.

And if you still have doubts about our coating service. Feel free to make an appointment. we will clearly introduce the advantages that coating can bring to you and the possible risks.