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Will boutique bags turn yellow after coating?

White or light-colored boutique bags are very difficult to maintain. No matter how careful you are, unfortunate accidents will inevitably occur. It may be the splash of the drink or the smudge of the jeans. That’s why more and more people put boutique coating into consideration. However, what stops people from doing that is the coating will turn yellow sooner or later. Why is this?

The material is the decisive factor
The reason why coatings turn yellow is the materials are based on water-based resins, release agents, emulsifiers.

Although there is still a water repellent effect, it’s not going to last long. It is easy to produce oil shadow, which makes the bag even more easily attached to dirt. It causes more difficulties to maintain the beauty of the bag.

In the end, it will cost more money to have it repaired by a professional restorer. Therefore, it is a very cautious thing to choose a good quality coating brand. It is better not to do bag coating at all than to use such cheap and inferior products.

Ultra-transparent coatings
As for CERALIV LUXURY, we inherited the experience of home coating from CERALIV CASA. Back when CERALIV CASA was founded, we were fully concentrated on developing a transparent and colorless coating solution without affecting the beauty and texture of the newly decorated home.

For the boutique coatings, we have an even more stringent and cautious attitude to create coatings for exquisite bags that are more transparent and thinner than the home coating. That’s how we achieve ultra-transparent.

In one instance, however, even our ultra-transparent ceramic coatings will be discolored.

Super precise leather condition inspection
That is, the bag has been stained or damaged and sent for washing and repairing. The washed and repaired areas are likely to be discolored or yellowed. There are two reasons. First, the molecular density of the CERALIV LUXURY coatings is very high, which can firmly attach the leather. If there is an injured place, it will have a chance to appear. Secondly, if the washing detergents are strong, it will remain on the leather and may react with the coating which causes discoloration.

To prevent this from happening, CERALIV LUXURY creates a full inspection for the leather condition. UV light, colorimeter, and microscope, are instruments that we use to inspect the condition of the leather bags which can take one day and much needed to determine the most appropriate coating protection procedure to achieve easy-to-maintain and the ultimate goal of forever new.