Best Choice of Surface Protection|CERALIV

What are the effects of our coating!

The surface of the exquisite bags is very fragile and needs special care. Even the hand sweat will leave indelible stains sometimes which makes the proper protection an important matter.

This article will introduce the effects of CERALIV LUXURY coating.

Comprehensive protection of luxury bag
CERALIV LUXURY has developed more than 600 new coatings in the past two years, and selected only five of them which have the best protective effects and are most suitable for fine leathers.

In addition, we have also designed 36 leather condition tests, whether it is Dior, Chanel, Hermes, or calf, lamb, suede, even rare lizard, crocodile leather, CERALIV LUXURY is able to provide comprehensive protection.

Waterproof is only the basic
In rare cases, even water can cause irreparable stains in exquisite bags, which shows how delicate the bags are. This is why we deliberately use water as an indicator.

Waterproofing is only the basic feature of CERALIV LUXURY. After coating, the water that would cause damage can become a powerful tool for cleaning.