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What are the advantages of boutique coating?

In recent years, everyone's love for boutique bags has increased, and as new brands have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, everyone has more choices. They can choose bags to express their own style. The demand for the beloved bag is increasing.

So what are the advantages of bag coating? There are three major benefits as below.

Reducing cleaning effort and time
The coating solution of CERALIV LUXURY will form a double-layer structure after curing. The bottom layer tightly adheres to the leather to resist the erosion from external dirt, while the up layer will produce dense three-dimensional network crystals, making it difficult for dirt to stick on the surface.

Even if the bag is accidentally stained, it can be removed by simple methods such as rinsing with water, so that the fragile boutique bags can achieve the effect of anti-stain and are easy-to-clean.

Easy and simple maintenance
The double-layer structure of our coating is from the exclusive RBT technology, allowing our coating to stay on the leather surface for a long time.

As long as it is not deliberately cut or scratched by sharp tools, the coating can permanently provide strong protection for the boutique bags. Although the three-dimensional network crystals on the surface of the boutique will gradually disappear over time, the protection of the bottom layer will always be there, and as long as we use the special maintenance coating, the exquisite bags can be new forever.

The reason why CERALIV LUXURY is loved by many customers is that while achieving the industry's top protection, the coating is completely transparent and does not affect the original touch of the bag. Let your precious boutique bag not only get super protection against graffiti, but also not cover up its unique texture of the leather.

In general, coating is to wear micron-level transparent protective clothing for boutique bags, providing an easy-to-clean effect in daily life, helping boutiques bags easily maintain a bright appearance, and protect the boutiques bags from unfortunate accidents such as the splash of drinks and the jeans.