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Can CERALIV LUXURY apply coatings on all materials?

Recently, a lot of our customers come with an assembled bag. Then, they asked the same question. My bag has different materials and can you apply the coating on all the materials?

The answer is long before we create CERALIV LUXURY, all around protection is put into consideration.

Yes, we can protect all materials
CERALIV LUXURY offers all around protection on every material, leather, suede, metal, you name it.

The original intention of CERALIV LUXURY is to offer people the best leather bag protection in the business. After two years of researching and developing, we can say with full confidence that CERALIV LUXURY is able to fulfill everything you can imagine about luxury bags coating protection.

Yes, we can protect all materials

We have the richest experience in the coating area
During the past three years, CERALIV CASA has provided our home solution coating for hundreds of families and successfully delivered the concept of “the last thing before moving in the house.”

This precious experience is the foundation of the most trustworthy process and now helping CERALIV LUXURY to shortcut the process from rookie to senior. The experience allows us to come up with simple and clear quotation standards, application methods and the most amazing coating protection tests.

Super precise leather condition inspection
Every luxury bag has her unique beauty, and the uniqueness is exactly the reason why CERALIV LUXURY creates a full inspection for the leather condition.

UV light, colorimeter, and microscope, are instruments that we use to inspect the condition of the leather bags which can take one day and much needed to determine the most appropriate coating protection procedure.

Our coating applicators are all professionally trained who deeply understand the leather condition inspection and that’s why we strongly recommend you to come to our lab to go through all the process because what we can provide is something the internet can’t present.