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What are the differences between CERALIV LUXURY and others?

Now there are more and more brands of luxury coating. Many customers would ask what are the differences between CERALIV LUXURY and other companies? In fact, we are too focusing on improving the quality of our own coating that we have not been able to make detailed comparisons with other brands.

What we can do is tell you what we've done over the past two years to create this brand.

The most experienced boutique coating brand
CERALIV LUXURY's parent company has developed a series of coatings that applied in so many different areas and have been sold to 97 countries around the world. In the field of surface protection, perhaps we are still a newcomer in boutique coating, but just like CERALIV CASA that has rapidly expanded in two years and has become the most popular brand in the home coating business. Half of the top ten most expensive houses in Taiwan are our customers. We can say with full confidence that CERALIV LUXURY is the boutique brand that knows coating the best in Taiwan.

Transparent and professional SOP
CERALIV CASA has a good reputation among the customers. The key to the success is a very clear and simple standard operating procedure. When CERALIV LUXURY is founded, we surely take the success DNA into our must-do.

We introduce the before and after effects by samples which helps our customer clearly know the features of our protection. Also, we set up a leather condition inspection that would have a comprehensive understanding about the leather. By doing so, we can provide the most appropriate and suitable protection for our customers.

The crazy acceptance inspection in the business
After the application process is completed, our acceptance inspection is even more simple and pure. Take out the water-based pen, paint on the leather bag, and wipe it off easily with the toilet paper while the customer is stunned.

This is the difference between CERALIV and other coating companies. From research and development, contact process, leather inspection to acceptance inspection, we adopt the highest standards to examine every detail that we can bring customers the best delicate coating experience.

And this is something no other boutique coating brand has ever done or even tried.