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How To Apply CERALIV's DIY Coating?

Before we start the topic, please let us answer many customers' questions: "CERALIV is not using DIY coating solution to do the professional coating!" Both coatings are entirely different.

What's The Difference?
CERALIV has two DIY products, ENHANCE and PHOTON, which can cover common home-building materials. One is for absorbent material, and the other one is for non-absorbent material.

Absorbent material: cloth sofa, suede, linen, etc., those materials that will absorb and discolor as soon as a drop of water.

Non-absorbent material: glass, stone, metal, etc., even if the whole thing is soaked in water, it will not absorb the liquid.

How To Distinguish Which Material Is Suitable For Which Diy Product?
Water-absorbent materials are usually relatively soft (mainly fabrics), while non-absorbent materials are rather hard building materials (high density).

To allow every fiber to absorb our coating, PHOTON must be applied by spraying. So, the one with a spray nozzle is PHOTON, which is for absorbent material.

The use of ENHANCE is very intuitive. *The orange fiber cloth is included in the box, which is exclusively for ENHANCE. Please do not mix with other rags. The method is the same whether it is glass, metal, or stone.

Turn off the bottle cap to see the hole, drip two to three drops of ENHANCE on the orange microfiber, and wipe on the non-absorbent surface until the shine is no longer visible.

You can feel the surface becoming glossy after wiping. We recommend the coating standing for 30-60 minutes to achieve a better effect.

How To Use PHOTON?
For PHOTON, directly press the nozzle and spray the PHOTON on the surface of the absorbent material. The surface can feel wet when you touch it, which is enough.

The drying time of PHOTON will be longer than ENHANCE because PHOTON needs shade drying for 24 hours. You can also use a dehumidifier and air conditioner to speed up the process.

Usage Frequency
It really depends on everyone's habitual use. ENHANCE can be used once every two to three weeks. PHOTON can use once every three to six months.