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What Is The Difference Between CERALIV Professional Coating and DIY Coating?

The primary purpose is to resist dirt, so what is the difference between professional and DIY coating? Will there be a disparity in the effect of applying both?

For the question, we could use the matter of hair dyeing to think about it!

One is to buy at-home hair color and DIY, and the other one is to dye by the designer. For the same purpose, the prices are entirely different. Because hair designers have extensive experience, they can dye more skillfully and adjust each hair type to achieve a longer-lasting and stunning style.

The coating is the same.

Durability: One-Month V.S. Two To Three Years
The construction process of a professional coating solution includes cleaning and evaluation. Customize the coating reference to adapt to the homeowner's requests. To let the coating work effectively, we must find the right antidote.

Due to the coating concentration, it takes two to three days for some materials to dry. Therefore, the high anti-stain protective layer formed can exist for up to three years during normal usage and has an 18-month warranty from CERALIV.

CERALIV has developed the DIY series to make the home coating more approachable, which divides materials into absorbing and non-absorbing(ENHANCEandPHOTON) that can be applied anywhere, anytime.

For ENHANCE, wipe and let it stand for 30-60 minutes. The transparent composition provides excellent waterproof protection properties, and the effect can last up to 30 days. In addition, its exclusive bacteriostasis is a good companion for epidemic prevention.

Anti-Stain Effect: Ballpoint Pen V.S. Gel Pen
During acceptance inspection, the professional liquid ceramic coating can resist the high-intensity dirt caused by ballpoint pens. As a result, homeowners can immediately feel the superior protection of CERALIV's home coating.

The "clean film" formed by DIY coating products can fill and cover the capillary pores on the surface of the building material. If you knock over beverages such as tea and coffee, the stains will be easier to clean. The hydrophobic effect will be better with the stack of ENHANCE/PHOTON.

Potential Users
Based on hundreds of coating experiences and feedback from owners, the following points are sorted by CERALIV so that you can analyze your needs. After all, finding a way to match your own pace is crucial to enjoying life.

Professional: You may be busy with work, childcare, or any other situation, resulting in no extra time to clean the residence. Consider a professional coating service if you want to improve efficiency and save more than half of your cleaning time.

DIY: If you are a cleanly person or even enjoy cleaning, then DIY coating products would be a good tool to improve the efficiency of cleaning.