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Three Major Features Of Bathroom Coatings!

The most popular service of CERALIV is definitely the bathroom coatings service. In fact, in our experience every family in Taiwan suffers from the same lime scale annoyance. And if we want to completely solve the problem of lime scale, we must first understand what causes it. Taiwan's water is hard, and the water contains alkaline substances that will erode the glass bit by bit.

The lime scale is not obvious at the beginning, that’s why it is often too late when it appears. At that time, lime scale is already difficult to remove no matter how much it is brushed. After CERALIV understood the cause of the lime scale, we developed a special glass coating. The following is an explanation of the three main characteristics of CERALIV glass coating.

Powerful Hydrophobic Effect
First of all, since we know that water will gradually erode the glass, the most effective solution is to keep the water from staying on the glass. Because of this, CERALIV gives the glass coating a very strong hydrophobic effect which repels more than 90% of water, making most of the water to fall naturally due to its own weight. That greatly reduces the water staying on the glass, and also prevents more than 90% of the lime scale from happening.


Long-Lasting Durability Supported By Exclusive Technology
CERALIV's glass coating has an exclusive revolutionary bonding technology (RBT) which allows our coating to adhere strongly and tightly on the glass surface, and will not be harmed by soap foam. In addition, when the weather is cold, everyone wants to take a hot bath or shower, and our glass coating withstands a high temperature up to one hundred degrees Celsius. Our customers can enjoy the comfort of a hot bath without worrying about the coating.