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Can I Still Have The Home Coating After Living In It For A While?

As more and more people know what home coating is, and also understand the best time to do home coating is before moving into a new home.

However, more than 50% of CERALIV's clients come to us and want to solve the issues when water stains are already in serious condition.

So, can a house that has lived for a while be applied to the coating? The answer is "Yes," but a few points need to be noticed compare with the new home.

The Condition Of The Substrate Will Affect The Coating's Effect And Durability
In most houses that have been lived for a while, the substrate condition has unavoidable damage. That is why CERALIV always hopes to actually visit the owner's house. We must evaluate the material condition and decide the follow-up method to achieve the best coating effect. However, after living for some time, the coating effect will never be as good as a new house.

Difficult Marble Stain
The more precious and high-grade building material is more fragile and hard to take care of, the typical example is marble. If it is inappropriately maintained, the marble's surface will worsen after that has been used for a while. In this case, we suggest the owner find professional stone care for polishing before applying our coating.

Annoying Water Stains On Glass
One of the biggest annoyances for cleaning is definitely the water stains on the shower glass. We can feel the helplessness and vexation of the public about the water stains. However, when limescale occurs, it indicates that the glass surface has been damaged.

Even if the glass has been polished and the water stains are still impossible to resolve completely. If the above situation happens, it must be considered as a factor in whether the coating should be applied.