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What Are The Disadvantages Of Home Coating?

Home coating is becoming more and more widely known, but the information on the internet is less than expected, and most of them discuss the advantages of coating. Still, there is no way that a product has only benefits but no drawbacks. For example, even drinking too much water will cause poisoning.

Today, CERALIV will tell the truth about the three disadvantages of home coating! (The raw materials and formulations used by each manufacturer are different. This article is only for CERALIV, so the content does not represent other brands.)

Need Two To Three Days For Curing
EvenCERALIV's R&D centerbreaks through the bottlenecks of the heating process. As a result, the layers can be crystallized and solidified at room temperature without high-temperature heating. However, it still needs three days to cure, which will cause inconvenience to the owner, who has already moved into a new home.

This is why we say the best time to apply the coating is after tidy-up and before moving into the new home so that the owner can enjoy the protection of home coating directly without any influence. The owners who have already moved in can have a nice weekend trip during the drying process that we suggest.

Dirty Surfaces Are Less Effective After Coating
The coating effect is related to the condition of the substrate; for example, if the house has been lived in for some time, the building material is often filthy, and even the surface has been eroded to have apparent scratches.

The surface feels smooth, but a "wound" on it will significantly affect the coating effect and shorten the validity period.

Therefore, we want to do the coating before moving in. After all, numerous situations and accidents will damage the building materials through daily use.

Once And For All? No Way!
"I don't need to do the cleaning anymore after coating, right? " "Would the water stains never appear on the shower glass? "

The coating is not so magical. This question is like if we have robots, do we no longer need to work?

Same with the home coating. We form a protective layer on the surface of building materials to repel 80% of dirt and resist erosion. It reduces a great amount of cleaning time, but we can't let the dirt disappear.

The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up.

There are ways to overcome the above shortcomings. As long as you can solve the scheduling problem, CERALIV home coating can help you solve most of your cleaning issues.