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What Are The Benefits Of Home Coating?

Are there so many benefits to applying the home coating? Let CERALIV quell your doubts, analyze the three advantages of home coating and tell you why home coating has become the standard equipment for a new home.

Cut Cleaning Time In Half
The R&D and manufacture of the CERALIV coating solution are all produced by ourselves. The original intention of developing the product - greatly reduces the cleaning pressure.

After the coating dries, the surface will have a fluffy structure like the leaves of lotus plants, demonstrating a self-cleaning nature, as microscopic structures ensure the water(liquid), stains, and other dirt rolls off the surface, which decreases the possibility of water stains formation. The layer is like an invisible plastic wrap and seals the pores on the building material's surface to prevent the erosion of dust or dust effectively.

Keep the ideal home with the least effort, and invest your precious time in more valuable things.

Easy To Keep The Home Forever New
As mentioned above, the coating is like an invisible plastic wrap-more accurately, the CERALIV coating is a sturdy and durable liquid ceramic with9H hardness.But, more importantly, the layer equips withRevolutionary Bonding Technology.

How can RBT make your life easier? The answer is to keep your home new forever.

Due to the high hardness, the coating can resist dirt and has an anti-acid and alkali effect so that the few corrosive foods and beverages in the home cannot erode the countertop or the surface of the building material.

Also, our coatings adhere strongly to the object's surfaces and will not fall off due to daily use.

The Transparent Nano-Ceramic Coating Will Not Affect The Original Color And Texture Of The Material
LCT (Liquid Ceramic Technology) is the best in the coating field because it is a very sturdy and durable material.

Two sides of the same coin. LCT is challenging to apply daily since the coating will change color during the drying process, affecting the substrate's texture and color.

CERALIV tries the whole bag of tricks and breaks through the bottlenecks of discoloration. As a result, our coating can remain transparent after drying and invisibly protect everyone's lovely home.

Nano-Fluff, 9H hardness, RBT, and LCT these technologies will be invisible and bring a more comfortable and wonderful life to you.