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CERALIV Protects Furniture, And Reduces 50% Cleaning Time

Is residential coating so magical? Not only protects the furniture, but also reduces the cleaning time? If you have these questions in your mind, I can tell you for sure, yes, it can definitely be done. Through our unique revolutionary bonding technology (RBT) and liquid ceramic technology (LCT), CERALIV residential coatings are definitely the best helper for home cleaning in this era.

LCT To Create The Industry's Top Residential Coatings!
First of all, let's talk about protecting furniture. CERALIV uses liquid ceramic technology to create the industry's most advanced ceramic coatings. Now, please think about it, what is your toilet made of? I believe that the answer will always be ceramics. Because ceramics is a very strong and stain-resistant material. This is also the reason why CERALIV chooses ceramics as the main material.

Through our liquid ceramic technology, the ceramics are turned into a transparent protective film which can be applied on the furniture or the area that the client wants to protect to achieve excellent stain resistance and protection. Coatings resist the erosion of external pollution!

After understanding how CERALIV provides protection through liquid ceramic technology, the next thing is how we reduce cleaning time. In the home environment, the dirt that takes the most time and effort to clean is often caused by erosion such as lime scale on glass, discoloration on marble, oxidation of copper pieces, fingerprints on stainless steel, or rust on iron parts.

When these stains appear, it often takes a lot of time to scrub to remove them. However, it is often difficult to clean the dirt no matter how it is cleaned and scrubbed. Because the dirt has eroded the surface, it is almost impossible to remove the dirt.

Through our revolutionary bonding technology, CERALIV's coating will adhere tightly to the surface after drying and will not fall off due to daily use or weather changes, completely isolating the substrate from contact with external sources of pollution.

The concept is prevention is better than cure. To prevent dirt from happening, ceramic coatings are going to save you a lot of scrubbing time. More importantly, you can also avoid the bad mood caused by the inability to get rid of the dirt.

Bionic Technology Repels The External Dirty
CERALIV's coatings also greatly help daily cleaning. I believe that when it comes to lotus, the first image that comes through everyone’s mind is water rolling on the lotus leaves. In fact, CERALIV coatings not only form a transparent ceramic protective layer, but also produce invisible “nano-fluff.”

The effect of nano-fluff is like the fluff on the lotus leaf. It prevents external pollution such as food or liquids from adhering and penetrating the substrate, so that they can be cleaned easily, which makes cleaning easier and more efficient than before. The original intention of CERALIV was to use these three coating technologies to give back the time stolen by cleaning to you, so that you can spend more time on things and people that really matter.