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What Material And Area Is Suitable For Home Coating?

Buying an apartment or a house takes work to come by. Of course, we should treasure it, but we need to know what kind of material and area we need to apply the coating, right?

Not So Much Suitable As Necessary
The original intention of branding CERALIV is to see that many people have spent plenty of money to purchase a house and do interior decoration; however, we live a fast-paced life, and there isn't enough time for cleaning. It is too late to deal with it when we find out they already have irremovable dirt and stains.

CERALIV hopes to help everyone through the home coating, protect building materials and furniture from dirt, and simultaneously gain a nice cleaning effect.

Hence, it is better to say which material "needs" home coating than which materials are "suitable" for home coating.

Hard Water Causes Ample Water Stains
Among CERALIV home coating, the most popular project is shower glass. If we are not regularly clean after taking a shower, many minor white water marks will appear on the surface of the glass, and even worse will get stuck in the surface.

Kitchen And Fragile Building Materials
The kitchen is the dirtiest prone area of the home, such as the countertop, sink, gas stoves, dining table, etc., because those areas often come into contact with food residues and oily water frequently, which is highly recommended for applying the coating.

In addition, fragile building materials such as marble and stainless steel easily have fingerprint residue and staining, which also need the protection of the home coating.