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Do You Know What Home PET Protective Film(PPF) is?

During the past five years, the home coating has gradually become part of people's lives. As the market leader in the coating field, we feel deeply honored and glad to see the outcome, nevertheless, with only a smattering of home protective film for most people.

Is it the same as car film, and why do we need the home PPF?

Everything has its limit. With the accumulation of home coating cases, our experiences tell us that the coating cannot fully match the owner's requirement in some situations.

CERALIV has always been on the cutting edge of the coating industry. As a result, we think further and more cautiously than anyone to provide services closer to our customers needs. For this reason, we start to have the option of home PPF.

High-Temperature Resistance
Is home PPF the same as car PPF? Completely different!Car PPF is not heat-resistant. Putting the scalding liquid, such as a hot pot or stew, will melt the car PPF directly, like burning plastic with fire.

The PPF used by CERALIV withstands the high temperature of the pan, and even extinguishing the cigarette on it is okay. But, of course, we are against smoking at home.

Unless it is an unfortunate event such as fire, CERALIV home PPF will never dissolve, discolor, release toxic, etc., due to the high temperature.

High Scratch Resistance
Stone is the most common building material, and so far, we have yet to see any interior decoration that does not apply it. However, with technological advancement, artificial stone has been widely used and is also one of the most commonly coated building materials by CERALIV.

Artificial stone has a unique aesthetic, but it is not easy to take care of and is not scratch-resistant. In addition, we will find that the countertop is not bright, and dirt is more likely to accumulate than usual. The home PPF can solve the above issues better than coating.

Only use a sharp knife to scratch or cut directly on it; otherwise, the PPF always has strong scratch resistance in most cases.

High Acid And Alkali-Resistance
The main reason for the discoloration is that the stone has capillary pores on the surface, which absorbs the sauce or liquid. Another reason is eroded by acid and alkali substances.

Because the PPF is thick and tightly attached to the surface, it directly prevents the capillary pores from liquid absorption and resists various acids and bases.

The typical home PPF on the market is mainly made of resin, which is very soft and will turn yellow and be full of scratches after a period of time. But if it is made too thick, the aesthetic will be completely sacrificed, even if it gives the surfaces high anti-stain properties.

CERALIV provides the best protection and anti-stain without affecting the material's original texture. Even though the film is thicker than other brands, it still has an ultra-thin transparent layer and can give the materials an anti-oil effect.

What is the difference between CERALIV and other home coating brands?

We can confidently say that it is an original and exclusive anti-graffiti acceptance inspection because the seriousness caused by the marker is much higher than the colored liquid or the erosion of acid-base.

This acceptance inspection is used to protect the equity of owners. CERALIV has always retained our original intention while we launched the home PPF service.