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Unrivaled Hermès handbags, most iconic bags of all time.

With over 180 years of history, Hermès, as a much-coveted brand in the world of fashion, has occupied the pinnacle of luxury bags with its regal design and exquisite craftsmanship.

Within its product range, the signature Kelly bags, helped by Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco, epitomize an elegant “pedigree” regal style and have become the perfect symbol of prestige and refined workmanship.

This classic fuchsia trapezoid-shaped Kelly bag features the use of stiff leather, a metal turn-lock, a dignified graceful look, and is the best choice for a formal occasion. Its immaculate exquisite artistry typifies Hermès’ distinguished elegance and excellence.

The challenge of the workmanship for this special leather fuchsia Kelly bag has reached a new height.

The fineness of a Hermès bag typically demands extra work and extra focus in its execution, not to mention the lengthy time needed for the testing of this special leather on the Kelly bag.

The leather of this Hermès Kelly bag has a special pattern, a silk-like smooth texture, and a lush sheen. It’s exactly because of this unique animal leather that it demands extra care during its protective treatment. We make sure that the coating that we apply is evenly adhered to the finely patterned surface. All these layers after layers of coating require maximum focus and patience.

The bag’s metal turn-lock and metal buckle strap pose another massive challenge to the coating technician. It takes a full half-day to complete the adhesion of the four round brads on the plaque until the coating and the plaque are so perfectly fused together that you cannot tell them apart.

CERALIV LUXURY seals Hermès in eternal beauty.


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