Best Choice of Surface Protection|CERALIV

CERALIV LUXURY protects the unique tassel design ultimately.

Tassels were used as a decorative element by nobility in ancient China and early Europe. This white ringer leather chain fringed bag expresses CHANEL’s unique rock lady style. Due to the coating on the middle ringer, the delicate stitches need to be handled more carefully, thus, the multi-layer superposition method is used to reinforce protection and ensure that the ringer and stitches are completely covered by the invisible coating.

Then, the collocation of different materials of leather and metal make the coating process more elaborate. The surface of different materials can be covered perfectly during the process of potion brushing. Finally, we need to separate the upper and lower tassels for coating, and each tassel is divided into two sides. After the bottom layer of film material is complete, it must be fully dried and attached to coat the other side.

In the process of operation, the tassels must not stick or overlap. Therefore, the lower tassel must be handled first for the upper one to be handled in the same manner, making the procedure complicated with many details.

Leather, like plants, has natural fibers and pores. Without coating, leather is still absorbent, which results in water stains, fading and other phenomena.

Moldy leather conditions are more likely to happen, especially in Taiwan's humid climate. Imagine when you are in a beautiful outfit, carrying your favorite bag, when a sudden and inevitable rain falls and wets your bag. It will definitely ruin your mood.

However, the rain drops on the coated leather can bounce off easily. Our coating will fit perfectly into the undulating texture of the leather. The coated layer has a longer life cycle, can repel water extremely quickly, with the powerful function of preventing accumulation of dirt. When you encounter a rainy day, you can experience the pleasure of water naturally sliding off. Don't be afraid of getting caught in the rain, your bag will still look brand new!